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While the protests and militarized police state of Ferguson, MO, dominate the headlines after a police officer shot and killed Mike Brown, the violence rages on in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. Over the weekend there were 31 people shot and 7 killed in Rahm’s “world-class city.”, a website that maintains a running tally of the shooting and murder mayhem in Chicago also reports the homicide total for 2014 is 259 so far, with a total of 1360 shot and wounded.

Chicago Police Department Crime Data Portal

8 Responses

  1. Chris

    Wait, did police kill 7 unarmed people in Chicago??? Oh right… you forgot the context there.

    • InRussetShadows

      Wait, didn’t the suspect loot a convenience store, assault the owner, and then later attack the cop and then try to grab his gun? Oh right. You forgot the context there.

      • Chris

        I realize that the people on this site are borderline retarded, so I’ll have to explain this as simply as possible. I forgive you in advance for failing to comprehend. My comment was in reference to the original post. The fact that an employee of the state murdered an unarmed person has nothing to do with gang violence. Pointing out that gang violence is happening over a thousand miles away is not relevant. But you’re all fucking retards. So I realize that you think you’ve stumbled upon some type of epiphany. Get your dicks out of your sisters and your heads out of your asses.

  2. Sonya Blade

    So much for the god-like savior, Barry Soetoro for parting the seas and uniting the country. In fact..he’s accomplished the EXACT opposite. More divisive than ever..and in tatters. Best of luck to the next POTUS..if it’s someone even REMOTELY conservative..they have their hands full..but I guarantee you they won’t spend their run blaming it all on Obama…like he STILL does Bush.

  3. Freedomswatch

    The people in Chicago need to wake up and realize that the Democrats are running Chicago and have been forever and it’s not getting any better. It’s time to vote them out. They are not helping you they are ruining your lives. Try something different.


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