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As is the case with any important election, events are happening fast as we approach the final weekend prior to the crucial Tuesday April 5 vote that will ultimately decide the future of Wisconsin for a generation to come. In one corner, you have sitting State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, a reliable 4-to3 tie-breaking vote in favor of judicial restraint. In the other corner, Joanne Kloppenburg, a die-hard lefty with zero judicial experience who has all but promised the state’s thuggish public unions that she will be their firewall in stopping Governor Walker’s reforms via judicial fiat.

We all know Democrats and public unions plays dirty. That’s not the question. The question is only how dirty, and in their bid to get Kloppenburg on the court, they played it as dirty as anyone can — going so far as to exploit a victim of sexual abuse. Here’s a disgusting smear that’s been airing non-stop in Wisconsin for a week now:

The ad buy was for a full $3 million but immediately upon release the victim, Troy Merryfield, asked Kloppenburg to call for the ad to be taken down, calling it “offensive, inaccurate, and out of context.” Incredibly, Kloppenburg refused, and residents of my home state tell me that as of yesterday the smear was still airing ad nauseum on every channel.

Obviously disgusted with the Left shamelessly exploiting what was obviously as traumatic and painful an experience anyone can go through, Merryfield bravely took to the airwaves today with a devastating ad that Milwaukee talk radio host Charlie Sykes has learned is part of a massive buy:

via » Devastating New Ad Might Be Game Changer in Wisconsin’s Crucial April 5th Election – Big Government.

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  1. Ricky

    Is there any wonder that the Koch Brothers are behind this ad?

    Prosser has promised to be a ‘compliment’ to Walker’s administration. Is there any question how Prosser will rule when Walker and the Republicans are called to the Supreme Court to answer for the crimes they are currently committing?

    Prosser already has a record of protecting his cronies from justice. Remember the Gableman case in 2008?

    There is a hostile takeover of our state occurring right under our noses, and a vote for Prosser advances that agenda.


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