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An often heard criticism of the President and his campaign is the lack of a plan for the future. Sure, goals are outlined as in the President’s DNC acceptance speech, although the targets were somewhat less heroic than “lowering the seas and healing the planet.” But where is the roadmap for achievement?

Most well thought out endeavors include a goal, strategic methodology (what we are going to do to achieve the goal) and tactical implementation design (how we are going to do it) – all encompassing a plan. In addition to goals candidate Romney has discussed his methodology for energizing the economy – less regulation, less growth in spending and a pro-growth tax policy, although he doesn’t outline which departments spending will be curtailed. President Obama gives us lofty goals and nothing else, why?

Is it reasonable to assume that the wolf after raiding the chicken coop and feasting himself will be content thereafter only on digesting his meal? Is it reasonable to assume those who know better than us will forever be content consolidating control over the health care, banking and auto industries?

Although it may be easy to criticize the President for not outlining a plan, make no mistake those intent on replacing a meritocracy with their autocracy do have a plan. Usurpation of further economic control and liberty is more than a wistful dream by the bloated bureaucracy. The wolf may appear to be lazily digesting his meal while he is actually planning seizure of the next chicken coop.

They don’t discuss their plan because it would scare people. They will not talk about their solution of more government when 61% of us believe we have too much government until they have created the right conditions. In other words (apply Mayor Emanuel’s words “a crisis cannot be wasted”) a crisis has not been sufficiently orchestrated to make their solutions palatable.

Perhaps recognizing the crisis they are seeking to generate will offer clues as to the central planners’ next venture. We have seen a multi-prone attack on the energy industry for years from allegations of “excessive oil company profits”, massive uneconomic subsidization of energy alternatives and to, at the very least, hyper-exaggerated global warming claims. We have seen an assault on the safest, most accessible and cheapest food supply ever generated by any society in history. And we now hear about the perils of unlimited freedom of speech, the need to restrict internet content, needed control of the public airways and restriction on what the elite consider hate speech.

Energy, food and speech, don’t think the wolf is without plan.

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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