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In response to our video of Jan Schakowsky claiming the parade of lunatics she led last night was “patriotic”–despite a lack of any American flags present– author Chuck Sudo suggests that burning the stars and stripes would be just as patriotic as not having one at the march.

Wow! Really?

From the Chicagoist:

“Last we checked — and we took civics back in eighth grade — an American flag wasn’t a requirement for a march. In fact, the Take Back Chicago protestors could just as easily have burned the Stars and Stripes as not carried one. The person who asks why there’s no American flag at a protest is likely the same person to have an “America: Love it or Leave it” bumper sticker on their Ford Explorer.”

4 Responses

  1. Henry Parsons

    Not only did they not fly the flag of this great nation, they also didn’t wear any red white and blue clothes from WalMart. Also, where were all the fucking tea bags? It’s not a protest without tacky patriotic clothing and tea bags hanging from hats!

  2. Simon

    Mr. Pundit,

    You should reread your Chicagoist source quote. Slowly. It doesn’t say what you think it does or would like it to. Let me know if you need some help.


  3. daniel

    There were no flags because they aren’t protesting for America they are protesting against America. Why in the hell would they sit there and represent the very thing they hate. But then again, they are free to leave and live in a socialist country but they don’t.

    • Ron Paul's Balls

      Right on brother. Love it or leave it! These protesters hate America so bad. There is no better way to show patriotism than wearing a flag pin or carrying a flag. No pin? No flag? No patriot!


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