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Coming soon to a “smart home” you did not choose. H/T: The P/oed Patriot

And this new video will show you how! From: YouTube

“RLtec’s technology helps households and business contribute towards lowering the country’s carbon emissions. It transforms electrical appliances like fridges, air-conditioners and heaters into smart devices that respond to changes on the national grid to improve its efficiency and save carbon, energy and money.”

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“We are a visionary clean technology company that delivers innovative solutions for the reduction of carbon emissions from electricity generation. We have developed a patented series of unique dynamic demand technologies that help promote a sustainable approach to electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.”

In other words, they have figured out a wonderful new way to control the type and the amount of energy you can use in your own home in order to “save you money” even though you might feel like spending it, to save the planet from getting too hot, or too cold, because of your inability to limit the amount of energy you abuse.

“RLtec works with appliance manufacturers, industrial consumers, national grid operators and governments to ensure that dynamic demand takes its place at the heart of plans to reduce carbon emissions.”

Again, in plain, comprehendible English, they have even partnered up with large corporations and the government (also known as corporate fascism) to bring you this new form of “protection” (control) over your personal lives.

For more information on this wonderful new world we can live in:


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