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Tiawanda Moore, the 21-year-old woman acquitted last summer for taperecording police while they illegally tried to bully her into dropping charges against an officer, has now filed a lawsuit against the state alleging her rights were violated. In Illinois, it is illegal to record police officers unless they are committing a crime against you.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“…Moore’s attorneys claim the verdict shows police should not have arrested her and held her in jail. Moore spent a year fighting the charges before her trial last August, one of several similar cases that have sparked debate about the state’s eavesdropping statutes in an age where smartphones have placed a recording device in virtually every pocket.”

Illinois isn’t shy about trying to take or tax away its residents rights; in this case, the gross overreach of government in limiting citizens’ rights to videotape the very people who have the most power over them is going to cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars at minimum to defend.

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