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According to records from the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs obtained by Media Trackers, the Department of Defense has transferred at least 10 heavy-duty armored combat vehicles and hundreds of M-14 and M-16 fully automatic rifles to local police and county sheriffs’ departments in Wisconsin.

From Media Trackers:

Because of Wisconsin’s open records law, Media Trackers reviewed a DMA spreadsheet that listed all so-called 1033 transfers from the U.S. Department of Defense to state and local law enforcement. Over 160 individual agencies and departments obtained free equipment or weapons through the program between July 2004 and May 2014.

The Dane County Sheriff’s office in Madison received 151 fully automatic M-16 rifles, a Zodiac boat, night vision and infrared equipment, and miscellaneous other equipment. Nearby, the Dane County District Attorney’s office, led by Democratic attorney general candidate Ismael Ozanne, got 3 M-16 rifles.

In addition to miscellaneous vehicles, the biggest ticket items given law enforcement are the Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicles, MRAPs for short, and Zodiac boats. MRAPs on average cost the federal government between $400,000 and $750,000 per vehicle, and the Zodiac boats, which vary in size, cost between $7,500 and $47,000 per copy.

Media Trackers compiled the data into an interactive map showing what military equipment each local law enforcement department has received through the Department of Defense 1033 program.

Click here to View the full report and Interactive Map.

Wisconsin MIlitary Police Map

4 Responses

  1. Sharpsguy

    They’re “Preparing” for what they (Government Agencies) apparently know will begin happening in the near future. They don’t tell us what they know, only what they WANT us to know, The TWO+ BILLION rounds of highly lethal hollow point ammunition they’ve purchased is yet another sign that they have intel about something big brewing! I read in another report that some 1700 MRAPs have been delivered to most of the larger cities in anticipation of massive civil unrest and rioting. When it starts, best be ready to either get outta Dodge or hunker in your bunker with food, water, and lots of ammo!

    • sick and tired of the dictator

      exactly.i think it makes them feel safer.but if you look at statistics,pro freedom americans,gangs,etc
      I cant imagine them thinking that what they have will keep them safe.think about it if the American people that believe in freedom and the constitution flex their muscles I really don’t think there plan of buying all this military equipment matters.take a look at the middle east.people are everywhere and don’t have all these tanks etc and look at the damage they can cause.but most importantly these law enforcement agencies are at just as much risk losing freedom.if the new world order succeeds with globalization there will be no need for them anymore and why on earth more law enforcement are not uniting to let the corrupt government know we are not going to do this to our American brothers and sisters and to their children and families.if we become full fledged facist or communist the government will turn on them when they are done doing their dirty work.a good majority of americans have lost respect for law enforcement as it it is.i don’t care how much military equipment they have they could not make me believe for one second they are not afraid of a full out war in the streets.everyone has something to lose.freedom and the constitution should be number 1
      on any true americans list and if its not you are a traitor to America.

  2. Dhanu Dass

    Maybe a Canadian invasion? Maybe the opposite, they intend on keeping us from escaping to Canada!


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