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It is time to go beyond making seat belt use in cars voluntary as libertarians advocate based upon the archaic belief that an individual owns his own body, not the state, and thus may chose risky behavior as long as it doesn’t risk others.

Today based upon the rationale of the culturally elite used to herd the now majority of sheep in the country, seat belts should be outlawed.


A.  Seat belt use has grown to a record 86%

B.  Traffic deaths per mile driven have reached the lowest level  since record- keeping began in 1921.

C.  States with greater seat belt use have lower traffic death rates.

Therefore:  Seat belt use should be banned.

As outrageous as this conclusion may sound given the facts, it employs the same logic as used today by gun control advocates.


A.  Households with guns  and total gun ownership have increased tremendously.

B.  Crimes committed with firearms have declined steeper than other crimes.

C.  The murder rate in the cities with the toughest gun control laws, Chicago and District of Columbia, have climbing murder rates 3-4 times the national  average.

Therefore: Gun ownership should be curtailed.

How can one use a rationale to justify one policy and ignore the same argument with respect to another issue?

The answer obviously lies in the aspect which differentiates the two issues other than the facts.  The proposed solution to gun violence involves more government control while the first step making seat belt use voluntary involves less government control.

This is yet another example that the extension of government control is the common denominator in most positions taken by the ruling political and cultural oligarchy.

The ruling motto: To the State from which all wealth and human advancement flow,

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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