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According to the Chicago Sun Times, while appearing before a legislative panel, Mayor Rahm Emanual was questioned about police resources:

[State Representative] Dunkin ripped Emanuel for failing to honor his campaign promise to hire 1,000 additional Chicago police officers and for using $103 million in police overtime in 2013 as a substitute for new hiring.

Noting that there are four or five police officers on every corner along Michigan Avenue, Dunkin asked, “Why can’t we do that in black and brown” neighborhoods?

Emanuel was also questioned about the accuracy of the crime statistics put out by the city:

With Police Supt. Garry McCarthy seated next to the mayor, Dunkin questioned the veracity of crime statistics that both the mayor and McCarthy have used to tout a 40-year low in homicides and a drop in other crimes.

Watch the Mayor respond to questioning with laughter and sarcasm:

“If you hired more officers, as you committed to when you first came to the city, you would see a different relationship in some of these communities as compared to if you burned out the same ones. I don’t think that’s responsible,” he said.

“With the level of carnage and murder and mayhem in black and brown communities — if that level of activity was occurring in Ravenswood where you live . . . how would you rate him doing his job? You know how I feel,” Dunkin told Emanuel.

The Mayor defended McCarthy, saying, he is doing a “great job,” despite calls from the public for his (McCarthy’s) resignation over his “failures.” Both Emanuel and McCarthy continue to maintain there is a drop in crime despite statistics refuting that.

There have been 334 homicides and 1693 shootings so far in Rahm’s “world-class city” this year.

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