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An outspoken “Hands up don’t shoot” activist in Arizona recently went through multiple police training scenarios, including one, where he shot at an unarmed man.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin is a self described progressive baptist preacher and a radical political activist, and has led several civil rights protests in Arizona.

Maupin was invited by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to see what it is like to be a police officer confronted with making a split second decision, to use deadly force against a suspect.


You’ll note that after going through just three scenarios, Reverend Maupin has a whole new respect for just how quickly a situation can go from a minor encounter to a lethal force confrontation.

In the first scenario, the actor was able to shoot and “kill” Maupin before the the Reverend got his gun out of the holster, even though he’d had his hand on the butt of his gun from the start.

In the second scenario, where Maupin portrayed an officer arriving to break up a confrontation between two unarmed men, on of the two unarmed men started walking aggressively towards him, refusing commands to stop.

As the man continues walking toward him and closes to within feet of him, the civil rights activist who protested police officers for shooting the unarmed Brison, opened fire.

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    • Scott Calgaro

      Based on your profile pic, I doubt this will get through, but that article “exposing” this as propaganda is completely ridiculous. Having back up isn’t always a luxury afforded in these situations. “Kick the big guy in the nuts.” Seriously???? Are we on the 4th grade playground now? When you get close enough to kick the big guy in the nuts, he rips your leg off and beats you to death with it. (Yes, that’s sarcasm in case you didn’t get it. The point being you never EVER go hand-to-hand with someone bigger than you). This isn’t about fighting fair. It’s not a boxing match. Every officers goal is to stop the threat as quickly and safely as possible. This training shows how insanely difficult that can be. Are some of them “no-win” scenarios. Yep, they are. And every one of them was programmed off an actual incident involving a real officer. Bad shit happens, and sometimes you’re left with the lesser of 2 bad choices. That’s life.

    • Scott Szczesny

      So you’re telling me Crawford was given a chance to surrender the bb rifle that he was carrying non schalont in Walmart before that cop murdered him? Reminder for the record.. Ohio is an open carry state. He could have easily been legally carrying an AR if he do had choose to. The video surveillance shows his murderer reaching the isle and shooting Crawford immediately. A citizen whom’s only crime was shopping.

    • Scott Szczesny

      Never said I was. Never said I wasn’t. I’m certainly not an idiot. You don’t see me bringing up Ferguson to support my argument. But thanks for your baseless argument.

  1. Nicholas

    Hopefully now he will put down his megaphone and become part of the solution and not the problem.

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