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On Tuesday, militant, Marxist, anti-war, and gay-rights activists–including some suspected of providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations–led the Occupy Chicago protesters into City Hall to stage an “in your face” protest directed at Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

We caught up with one protester, Roger Fraser, a retired Palatine, Illinois school teacher. Fraser is a proud member of the “99%” who earns a modest $7,792.75 a month from his pension.

Fraser is also known as a militant gay rights activist and a member of the Gay Liberation Network–the same organization founded by Chicago G-8 and NATO protest organizer–and militant, anti-war, social-justice radical–Andy Thayer.

You may remember a previous interview from earlier this year, released by Andrew Breitbart, filmed at a Code Pink-led protest against the Koch brothers in Palm Springs, California–where Fraser called forRevolution now,” and exclaimed, “Just like in Egypt!

In the following interview, conducted yesterday inside City Hall, we asked Fraser if “this” was the kind of revolution he was talking about. Fraser told us, “This is the beginning.

When asked what he thought it would take to achieve the activists’ goals, he remarked: “This kind of thing on a massive scale.“ He also answered in the affirmative as to whether or not the revolution would require collapsing the American government, and explained: ”Because….the resistance against this will be overwhelming…very strong….and relentless.

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  1. Rick Santelli's Belly

    There is nothing more terrifying than a man in a pink turtleneck. This is what we’re up against people!

  2. Bob Smith

    Maybe if you use the words “radical”, “militant” and “gay” more often you will be even MORE convincing.

  3. cat

    Gosh I wonder WHO pays his rather GENEROUS pension??? Are you serious? Yeah, it’s us private sector working stiffs, that is who. They ought to abolish unions in this country!

  4. Bill Suhayda

    When you collapse this government, what takes it’s place??? He never told us that. I think he uses these protests just to get a date.

  5. Vernon Holl

    Of course the protesters are looking for some social change. Whether it is the govt or some other form. Do you think people are just marching around because they get a kick out of it?

    I am glad this man has a great pension and is willing too support the “99%” as opposed to the aforementiond Koch brothers who use there billions to fight campaigns against unions and protect the “1%”

    • OccamsRazor

      “Do you think people are just marching around because they get a kick out of it?”

      Yes! Some of them do get a kick out of it. Some of them are just there for drugs, free food and a place to flop, others for easy sex and others (like you) because their puny brains can’t tell the difference between ‘there’ and their. Nor can their little hypocritical brains register that the public union benefits are unsustainable. Just this week there is a scandal being reported in the New York Times and elsewhere, where public union employees have ripped off almost a billion dollars of taxpayer money in fraudulent disability claims. But, I guess to your small mind, that’s perfectly alright. Additionally, to you, it’s probably perfectly alright if the Democrats and the public unions have an incestuous relationship: The unions fund the Democrat politician’s campaigns and the Democrat politicians provide greater and greater benefits (money) to the unions. The only loser is the taxpayer who is forced to fund both.

      And regarding the Koch Brothers, (spewing Leftist talking points, are we?)…they contribute to ONE conservative think tank, whereas George Soros FULLY FUNDS twenty Leftist activist organizations and contributes heavily to at least 30 more.

      Rather than spewing Leftist talking points, why don’t you look this information up? Oh, I forgot, that might require some effort and heaven knows Leftists don’t like to work.

      • Bushbasher5

        So much for funding one group
        Main article: Political activities of the Koch family
        David and Charles have funded conservative and libertarian policy and advocacy groups in the United States.[7] Since the 1980s the Koch foundations have given more than $100 million to such organizations, among these think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute, as well as more recently Americans for Prosperity.[8] Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks are Koch-linked organizations that have been linked to the Tea Party movement.[9][10]

  6. Barbara

    Gee I wonder what would happen to his pension if the government collapsed? Do you think if the Fed govt were collapsed that the state govts would collapse and this man wouldn’t get his cushy pension? Then what?
    He would probably be even more angry. But protesting wouldn’t help. It would be too late. Actually I think that the state govts with the cushiest pensions will be the first to declare bankruptcy. Then they wouldn’t be liable for those huge pensions because they can’t afford them.

  7. ctc wilson

    First, it must be understood that this person’s sexual proclivity is just the nose of the camel. That he is gay is only one of the most obvious indicators of his twisted, crippled, perverted mind. His thoghts, openly vocalized (a “pun” is mandated here, cause his vocal cavity is the center of his being)clearly and unmistakenably evidence the derangement that plagues this poor creature. The world would be done a favor if he was just quickly, quietly, and in a friendly fasion, legally executed. Benedict Arnold agrees.

    • Bushbasher5

      Got some Issues? When you hear of a gay person kind of turns you on?

  8. Snake Plissken

    Once this ass has collapsed the government and there’s no industry left to pay taxes to support his pension, he’ll be just like the “drummers” in NYC bitching about the General Assembly confiscating their “donations” then not giving them the $8000 they demand for new drums. His mouth will hang open and he’ll cry, “boo hoo” . . .

  9. Jim Osterhout

    I hear radio ads frequently telling me that the government is trying to break the teacher’s unions and take away their “modest pensions.” By most people’s standards, this moron’s pension is hardly modest. He had a job where he worked nine months a year and could not be fired. What bothers me the most is that our kids were exposed to this far left buffoon for thirty years. He blusters a lot and offers zero solutions other than standard left wing redistriution of wealth rhetoric.

  10. GEORGE

    When does this occupy wall street (or Denver, or Chicago or whereever) transistion from being a protest to becoming and treasonous insurrection? This is totally out of control.


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