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Another great “teach-in” at Occupy Chicago. (sarc.) Northwestern University professor Mary Pattillo leads a discussion on housing in the U.S. and the government seizing all housing becoming a reality.

For those of you wasting your money on a Northwestern degree for your kid, now might be a good time to tell them to read some books on their own, get a job or start a business and get the hell out of school.

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  1. Robert Neville

    So… I’m guessing she’s never seen Doctor Zhivago? ’cause it didn’t work out too well.

    • Jerry

      You mean the propagandist movie by the money grubbing. Have you ever heard of fairness? It is about time. It is time to control the disparity.

    • heather

      You mean the same banks that these people are out protesting? The corrupt banks that are evil and take things away from those that refuse to pay for what they bought and entered into contract for?

  2. Mark Adams

    Ms, Petillo needs to understand that International covenant on economic, social and cultural rights is tasked with promoting housing rights through awareness campaigns. NOT by government seizures.
    Even though the Carter Admin signed the treaty, it has never been ratified by congress, and most likely will never be, because it would clearly violate our Constitution.

  3. heather

    This is all our fault, we neglected to watch our government like hawks and monitor their every move, because we were supposed to trust them; and this is how we are being repaid. Misguided half truths, outright lies, deception, socialist ideals preached to our youth. These people are a cancer and they have grown to epic proportions. We need chemo in the form of common sense and conservatism.

  4. Meg Bennett

    I think it speaks volumes as to the Ivory Tower these academics like Mary Pattillo are in that she felt so bold as to speak these anti-America, anti-property rights, anti-Constitution, words in broad daylight! Are Northwestern alums going to put up with these anti-Americans in our midst? Are they going to continue to donate to their school? Is anyone going to hold the Northwestern board accountable for paying enormous salaries to pseudo-intellectuals teaching obscure, made-up topics when our children need to learn about real subjects in order to be prepared for a messed-up America that needs fixing? Why would ANYONE send their children to college these days. The gig is up. College has become a farce and a way for these Liberal Fascists to perpetuate their hold on America.

  5. el polacko

    “i haven’t really read up on it” but let’s just do it anyway, okay? i mean…they did it in that paradise called cuba…what more do you need to know ? good lord ! people are actually paying to be ‘taught’ by this woman ?!?

  6. fliteking

    “You mean the propagandist movie by the money grubbing. Have you ever heard of fairness? It is about time. It is time to control the disparity.”

    Go ahead, live like a Cuban, then I won’t have to weed through your dumbass posts.

  7. mark

    Wouldn’t it be fun to get some Homeland security uniforms and get
    about 10 big men to kick her door down about 2am in the morning
    and tell this libtarded douchebag that her dream has come true
    and her house was being confiscated! Now this is some pay-per-view
    that I dream of!


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