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The state media has been reporting that Occupy Oakland has been “relatively peaceful” during the day, and the violence as we saw after the sun went down the other night–with flash bangs and tear gas–has really only been after dark.

The following video shows otherwise. The mob was clearly violent, fighting with each other, smashing windows and vandalizing Whole Foods during the daytime prior to the evening war zone footage we have seen.

[vsw id=”Yc_lyylm7D8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  1. The REAL tea party

    When Obama told the Germans we needed ‘an armed, civilian national security force’ he meant it.. and now he’s got it. Tea Party people better start stockpiling ammo for the coming conflict. I would not be surprised if Obama brought in the UN to fight against his own people.

    I think Obama and Soros have gotten their revolution, the media complicit as is the military who do nothing about it… it’s a war against the free people of this country, a war against capitalism, the constitution, and national sovereignty… are you prepared for what is to come?

    • Rick Santelli's Belly

      We are at war! Our freedom is under attack! I’m off to my bunker where George Soros can’t hurt me.


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