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On October 1st, 2011 tea party groups from around the Midwest gathered at the TEACON convention in Schaumburg, Illinois. Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi stated that he became outraged when he heard this event was taking place in his own backyard in the Illinois 8th congressional district. Raja told the Huffington Post that he planned to lead a protest against the event, which featured the likes of Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart and presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Once Raja made his appearance at the protest, he denied having planned the protest and claimed that he was deferring to, and joining, the protesters who already showed up outside the convention center. There were approximately eight protesters in total, one of whom we can confirm, in the following video, is a communist. To be fair, when asked if he supported the Communist party, Raja replied that he did not; however, when asked how he felt about joining communists and how his potential constituents might feel about him protesting other Americans alongside communists, he said “I’m okay with protesting the TEACON convention,” and “I think the constituents want us to stand up to the Tea Party.”


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