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Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was filmed speaking at Saint Sabina’s Catholic Church in June just a few weeks after being appointed by newly elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In the video, McCarthy states his comfort speaking to the “right audience” about his views. Could this be because outspoken radical activist Rev. Dr. Michael L. Pfleger is the Pastor of the Faith Community of Saint Sabina? Pfleger is known for his strong anti-gun views, outreach to prostitutes, anti-drug campaigns, and warm relationships with Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright. Pfleger has also sparked controversy with racially charged and sexist comments, and was just recently suspended by the Archdiocese of Chicago between April and May of this year.


McCarthy talks about himself and how he “lives a Forest Gump type of existence…. just floating around” where ever he goes, before going on to make some alarming statements. Some of the video highlights can be seen at these points in the footage after McCarthy gets a little excited about speaking on the pulpit.

(4:30) “There’s something about this pulpit here, ’cause I’m feeling strong!”

(5:02) “I’m gonna take a risk here, this is definitely the right audience…. everybody is afraid of race, I’m not afraid….”

(5:42) “…. In 2011 we are talking about gangs and guns and drugs and what we are going to do to fix it…. A big component of this has to due with race…. let’s see if we can make a connection here…. Slavery, segregation, black codes, Jim Crow…. What do they all have in common? Anybody getting scared? Government sponsored racism…. I told you I wasn’t afraid”

(7:28) “The NRA does not like me, and I’m okay with that! …. Who’s going to pay the price? Of the Gun manufacturers getting rich and living in gated communities?”

(7:53) He tells a homicide story, then blast’s Sarah Palin for talking about the right to bear arms while hunting Caribou and not being there at the scene of the crime with him.

And finally after this long winded slightly incoherent speech at (9:42), McCarthy hands back the live microphone to Pfleger, which picks up one last comment from McCarthy: “I’m gonna get in trouble.”

What would make Superintendent McCarthy think he is going to get into trouble? After all, he was in the “right” place, speaking to the “right” audience…. Wasn’t he?

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(AP Photo/George Olivar, File)


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  1. Civillian Enforcement

    Mr. McCarthy why don’t the Chicago police stop carrying guns if these machines are so racist? Just blame the crime problems on guns instead of telling the African American congregation that you need to raise your kids with better moral values.Why not tell the African American congregation that it is immoral to have more children than you can afford to feed? Why not tell the the African American congregation to be responsible for your own people and stop blaming others for your own failures. I guess you would not be very popular if you spoke the actual truth. Illinois needs concealed carry of handguns to protect the law abiding citizens from the non law abiding criminals who already carry guns regardless if it is illegal. Actually if you went to college and studied history Mr. McCarthy then you would have learned the exact opposite of what you are saying is the truth which is that LAWS BANNING OWNERSHIP OF GUNS WERE RACIST BECAUSE THEY USED TO DENY BLACKS THE RIGHTS OF SELF DEFENSE AND GUN OWNERSHIP AFTER THE CIVIL WAR! but I understand you never went to college or studied history.

  2. Cathy

    Super. McCarthy’s lips must be swollen from all the butt kissing he was doing. The NRA most likely doesn’t know his name and don’t care to. Instead of blowing smoke up the black churches behinds, he should have been at the Chicago beaches looking for the thug gangs that are running amuck!! Once again the libs using the race card. Rauhm must be proud!!

  3. Heather

    Great example of how the left uses one kernel of truth, a bundle of lies and one big polarizing name to divide the people.. Blame the rich, the producers, those who took life and made something of it; I’m sure that the members of the community have absolutely no responsibility for what happens to them.

  4. Creativeogre

    Maybe an effort should be made to see that the churches tax exempt status be revoked for violating the IRS rules…

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