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Van Jones spoke to Chicagoans attending the Green Festival Saturday May 5, 2012. During his address, Jones made statement, beyond creepy, when discussing his time spent in the Obama White House. Jones said “You don’t ever let a somebody like me in the White House.”

After Jones closed his speech I questioned him regarding those comments, and specifically what he meant when he said “someone like him.” Jones hid behind 4 female staffers and event staff along with other event management. The press contact for the event, Erin Brunner of Organicworks PR, grabbed my wrist and began to push me as I walked backwards, attempting to get Jones to answer my questions.

Jones continued to ignore me, and I was asked to leave by event staff. Brunner, who initially issued my press credential from Green Festival, allowing me to cover the event, then told me I had to surrender my credential and I would not be allowed back into the event.

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