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There’s nothing to see here, move along. Unless that is, you agree with us–this is a big deal. Workers at Tower Defense and Aerospace were busted by Fox 2 Detroit smoking marijuana and drinking booze on their lunch breaks. The workers have a range of duties constructing parts for military vehicles and passenger airline jets.

This is just a little more evidence of how regular-everyday-American workers, who are the engine behind our economy, are exploited and abused by large corporations. Obviously the pressure of showing up to work everyday and doing their job has gotten to them, and they clearly need to blow off some steam with a lunch time buzz before going back in to finish making parts for our troops’ trucks and tanks. (sarc.)

The story reported earlier this week by Fox 2 in Detroit highlighted a very serious issue of unacceptable and reckless employee misconduct that was already under investigation by the company. Working as expeditiously as possible within the bounds of the legal union contract, seventeen employees have been suspended pending discharge. In addition, we are working with the union to ensure that workers will no longer be allowed to leave the premises during the work day. These actions supplement the existing rigorous drug screening and background checks used by Tower to hire 150 new employees since acquiring this business.

Full story here: Tower Defense and Aerospace Factory Workers Party at Lunch:

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