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April 16th, 2011

These protesters at the Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party Protest featuring Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin unleashed a furious message in the following video. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea what this message means…

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    • J Sheppard

      American version of Islamic Raged Boy Parody or Scottish version of Braveheart Patriot Mel Gibson?

  1. tgs

    I’m not sure if this is a protest against Sara Palin or a death metal audition.

  2. bobbymike

    What does this accomplish other than win independents over to our side. I worked as a summer student at a union bottling factory and all I learned was how much they slacked off and every second word was a curse word.

    Unions allow people to be paid more than the market would ever pay these idiots.

      • Nick

        You worked as a summer student? As in you got paid to learn? At least you learned something…

        I worked at a paper mill over summer breaks while I was a student. It was one of two paper mills in town owned by Koch Industries but it’s labor force was unionized. I worked southern swing shifts (two 12 hour days, then two 12 hour nights, and then four days off before the next rotation)at $12.50/hr. The other mill, which was not unionized payed $8/hr for the same job. For the amount of paper dust and chemicals in the air coupled with the fact that you weren’t allowed to do anything except watch a machine spin around – it wouldn’t have been worth it at $8/hr when I could have been making that flipping burgers.

        Now I have a degree and a job that affords me some autonomy. The pay isn’t far greater but I get more satisfaction out of what I do. If you could have found a way to look past some of those human flaws we all carry around and talked with your co-workers, I bet you would have had more appreciation for them as human beings. Most of the guys I worked with were veterans of ‘Nam or the Persian Gulf and were far from their dream jobs. I would argue that’s what years of doing an undesirable job leads to – cynicism and self-depreciating humor. At the end of the day we’re all humans and want varying degrees of the same thing; I can’t imagine most of us are aspiring to work in a crummy dimmly-lit factory with poor air quality but life happens to people and sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard they try.

  3. pissed

    W…. T….. F…??

    that is just waaaay to bizarre. Good work and I love the laugh at the end of the video. Someone needs to add some death metal to that.

    I copied the vid and posted it on my blog. Good work.

    I came over from the link at Jawa.

    Pissed šŸ™‚

  4. Sheryl

    It’s important to keep in mind that this is ONE person and he does not carry the sentiment of all the protesters that day. But then again, I was there at the rally and saw grandmas screaming at me and mothers flipping me the bird. On second thought, I’d like to strike my former comment. He is MOST people, but not all. The children in the strollers never swore at me.

  5. MLR

    YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP – SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN – What are they saying – What is the purpose of their behavior – Do we have the right to assemble – Do we have the right to our belief – Do we have to VOTE ?

  6. Deb Richardson

    Hmmmm, one of many things is possible here. Another plant by the Republican party to make the other side look bad OR he’s making just about as much sense as Palin.

    • Mr B

      Oh, you are very wrong in this case Deb. Both of those guys have been noted to be on the left. In fact, there might even be an article and video links coming soon. I lol’d.

    • Ranba Ral

      Given my experience at university, this is about level 3 of 5 in the Liberal Response to Anyone Disagreeing With Them Scale. Stage 1 is pulling a race or homophobia card. Stage 2 is getting in your face, flailing the arms, in an attempt to frighten you off. Stage 3 is protest/counter-protest while shouting insane things. Stage 4 is picketing your house in an attempt to scare your family into putting filial pressure on you to get you to stfu. Stage 5 is either a.trying to convince someone else (or a group) to push you down a flight of stairs -or- b. domestic terrorism, depending on the level of backbone possessed by said lib.

    • Gwillie

      Well they must have planted the whole anti-tea party crowd because they all behaved in a manner that would look bad for the left. Why that Rove is one cratfy devil!

  7. Sheryl

    @ Deb…I was THERE at the rally. His passion, anger and hate was NOT uncommon. Part of the reason I went to Madison was because I’m sick of the media (both sides) telling me what is going on down there at the capitol. I wanted to see for myself and I did. Before you start imagining conspiracy theories or believing everything you see on television GO to an event like this, watch, and make up your own mind from what you have seen with your own eyes and ears.

    • Deb Richardson

      I’m well aware of what’s going on beyond the media report. I’m glad you feel strongly for what you believe in. However sometimes we don’t see the trees for the forest.

  8. Chris

    Sheryl- what was your opinion on the behavior of both sides in Madison? Was it the same regardless of ideology?

    • Sheryl

      Not EVERY SINGLE liberal was screaming and swearing and not EVERY SINGLE conservative was stoic and reserved. These were two large groups of people. That being said, I did see one very heated verbal confrontation that had a feeling of possible physical escalation (although I never saw it reach that point). It was serious enough for those of us around it to shuttle the teenagers away from the two and I did look around for a security person. I don’t remember profanity, but there was serious hate on both sides that could be felt in the air and lots of yelling at each other from inches away. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like the one doing the majority of the yelling was on the conservative side. But the general feel from the conservatives was that of just wanting to listen to the speakers and enjoy mutual conservative company. Although in some instances they responded to the liberals protesting and yelling at them, the main agenda was to listen to the speakers.

      There were two different kinds of liberal groups at the capitol that day. The first group had their own rally going on at the opposite side of the capitol with their own speakers. They also had a lot of people circling the capitol (not in a negative way) with their signs. Those liberals seemed to be there to listen to their speakers and show off their signs and join in chants with music and drums. It was akin to resonable protesting I’d seen at the capitol during the last tea party a few months ago.

      The feel of the liberals on the side of the tea party rally was literally a little scary to me at times. The general feel of the liberal protestors was one of passion, anger and disrespect. When our speaker sang the national anthem to open it up they booed and played their horns. Here is a link, although I don’t know if it’ll work because it’s a facebook link.!/video/video.php?v=10150271994538228&comments

      The liberals literally surrounded the tea party and boxed in the conservatives. They told us to “Go away,” “This (capitol) isn’t your building,” and “you don’t belong here.” They said that to both the participants and our speakers. Keep in mind, this was originally a tea party rally and then the Madison teachers and Madison firfighters decided to counter rally. They did their best to interfere with our ability to hear our speakers. It wasn’t just chants, it was litearlly noise makers and drums beating as fast as they could to drown out our speakers at times. There were people flipping us the bird and swearing at us. Not all the time, but it did happen. When our speakers were finished they all screamed “Shame! Shame! Shame!” at us as we left the capitol.

      Here’s a link of the chaos:

      • SamAdamslives

        Reading this from southern Missouri.

        Those union thugs and liberals and come down to Dixie, scream at us during a peaceful Tea Party rally, and they’ll get the hell beat out of them.
        We are PISSED down here looking at this spectacle.
        Hurray for the patriots in Wisconsin; you may have been drowned out but we were with you in spirit.
        The Tea Party showed great restraint in Madison, it looks to me.

      • Bob

        SamAdamslives says: “Those union thugs and liberals and come down to Dixie, scream at us during a peaceful Tea Party rally, and theyā€™ll get the hell beat out of them.”

        So you’ll respond to shouting with physical violence? And you still think it’s the ‘liberals’ who are unhinged?

        To everyone else: I guess you’ve forgotten all the calls of ‘kill him’ (meaning Obama) during the 2008 campaign? You’ve also apparently forgotten things like “if ballots don’t work, bullets will” and “2nd Amendment remedies” when legislation is enacted that someone doesn’t like.

        There are crazy extremists all across the political spectrum. To suggest one ‘side’ has a monopoly on craziness is… well, crazy.

      • onejoeone

        “To everyone else: I guess youā€™ve forgotten all the calls of ā€˜kill himā€™ (meaning Obama) during the 2008 campaign?”

        Not true. Look it up.

  9. Marky Weber

    Looks like Christians to me. They always get that stern look and ominous tone when they bash you. Seen it a million times at gay rights rallies.

    • vectorrector

      On behalf of the non-stern looking, dulcet-tone speaking Christians who don’t go to gay rights rallies and yell, I apologize that people who claim to represent Jesus came across that way. Not all of us are like that and I’m sorry that the ones you observed were. I ask for your forgiveness.

  10. daveinboca

    I do believe that these may have been aborigines from the Dane County asylum’s backwards — unless these people are auditioning for the Insane Clown Posse as back-up insaniacs.

  11. Peggy

    Ya know I have days like that but I have PMS and Menopause battling in the same body….what are these idiots excuse. I have wondered and wonder still about how the protesters of the ’60’s show pictures and videos of themselves protesting and telling their grandchildren how they stood for something…..what are these idiots gonna tell their grandchildren? “Look I made an ass out of myself in public because I wanted more than everyone else had?”

  12. Bog & Bam

    The message is that Conservatives lost a sizable part of their constituency when they went after blue collar Union workers….

  13. Kevin Hayes

    The anti-Palin demonstrators vastly outnumbered and outshouted the tea baggers. Great stuff!

    • The Man

      “Vastly outnumbered.”

      Everyone with a brain knows the screaming leftists were there because they have lots of money at stake. Even if they weren’t paid, which I suspect a lot of them were. Maybe even on public working hours.

  14. God

    Shouting down people is wrong! Very wrong!

    Unless it’s 2009. And this is a townhall meeting. THEN IT IS DEMOCRACY.

  15. A J Smithee

    I completely support the GOP position on most issues. But I’m afraid the Governor Scott Walker has overreached when he pulled a fast one on state employees and treated Democrats in Wisconsin with disrespect. (Constant name-calling, dismissing as “not local”, threats of arrest, ignoring rules, etc…) So now we’re seeing the backlash as many union workers feel they’ve been “attacked”. And, let’s be honest, they *were* attacked. They got a big pay cut in that “budget repair” bill that was forced on them. I can understand that kind of anger. If Obama cut my take home pay with the sweep of his pen by 13% I’d be pretty steamed. Especially if turned around and handed out that money to Wall St. buddies. My Wisconsin community is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in school funding and we are completely tapped out unless we raise property taxes now. We’d already cut everything we could cut in the last year. People were already desperate. We have lots of jobs lost, schools suck, home foreclosed. Now Walker’s budget has put us in a terrible position.

    The anger at Walker is very strong right now. Sane, moderate Republicans who believe in cooperation, openness and community are finding themselves stuck between angry teabaggers on the right and furious liberals on the left. People are becoming unhinged, vicious and frankly, useless. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any violence to date.

    This site is just throwing gasoline on the fire. This video was of one guy who obviously has a problem. Most of the people at Palin’s rally are not crazy. But it seems like some people actually WANT to drive them all crazy. All this demonizing feels good. The left does it. The right does it. Meanwhile, we have real issues being ignored and all we do is whip up hatred and anger.

    Not good. Can’t we try to be the grownups here?
    Do we have nothing else to offer but sneers, jeers and bitching?

    • wsorrian

      I’m calling BS on you. You’re a liar – a concern troll. Anyone who claims to support something/someone then goes on to say how they were wrong is full of crap. Here…let’s examine how stupid you are:

      “””The anger at Walker is very strong right now. Sane, moderate Republicans who believe in cooperation, openness and community are finding themselves stuck between angry teabaggers on the right and furious liberals on the left.”””

      If you were who you say you are you wouldn’t have used the term ‘teabaggers’ right after you admonished Walker for “constant name-calling” that never happened.

      Do you really believe this tripe when you type it or are you the liar I think you are? My money is (obviously) on you being a liar. Otherwise why would you bring up the “Sane, moderate Republicans who believe in cooperation, openness and community”? ‘Community’ is a leftist buzzword. You don’t bring ‘community’ up in a political thread unless you’re about to start calling for socialization in one form or another. And the “Sane, moderate Republican” label basically means any liberal Republican who agrees with you or is willing to capitulate.

      All walker did was force public union employees start to pay a little more to their own million dollar pensions. the reason this is necessary is unions have , for decades now, taken advantage of the fact that nobody negotiates against them. When they and lawmakers sit down to hash out a new contract the politicians grant the union basically anything they want. In return the unions donate gobs of money to elect and re-elect politicians who vow to do their bidding. So who is going to keep them in check? Public union employess make nearly double what private sector employees make for a comparable position and they get to set the wages.

      So who exactly is it that’s under ‘attack’? Is it unions with their vastly overpaid employees or the private sector worker who pays for their own retirement and that of the ever-expanding public sector unions?

      Leftists always cry about ‘corporate greed’ and the rich not paying their share, but when it comes to them having to do the same, they cry like babies. As with almost every facet of liberal dogma, this is pure projection. Just once I want the leftists to admit that they don’t want to have to pay their own way and what they really do want is for someone else to pay for their crap – admit to the very greed they accuse others of having. At least with the wealthy and corporations they earned their status. (Now I dare you to say they earned of the backs of workers so I can throw basic economics in your face and make you look like a fool.)

      Get that concern troll crap out of here. You’re as transparent as a windshield.

  16. A J Smithee

    Maybe it comforts you to see all this seething anger and actual outbursts on both sides. But I really find it disturbing.
    Here are more videos of the crowd:

    Quote from Cap Times, Madison article:

    “Vietnam veteran Andy Loduha made the trip to Madison from his home in Rhinelander to support the tea party message. He said politics in Wisconsin and across the country have become too divisive. But he doesn’t see Palin as a politician who could bring the country back together.
    Before finishing his thought, Loduha was approached by a fellow Vietnam veteran who tried to engage him in a shouting match over his support for “the wrong side.” More pro-union supporters soon surrounded the two, with one woman telling Loduha he was stupid for supporting Gov. Scott Walker and the tea party movement.
    “We are all Americans,” Loduha said. “We have to remember that is the common thread that runs through all of us. What’s happening now … this class warfare … is dividing us.”
    But not all tea party speakers were spreading a message of peace either. Conservative talk show radio host Vicki McKenna told union supporters in the crowd to “shut up,” and controversial conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart told them to “go to hell.”

    • Kerry Wilger

      The way you’re talking it’s obvious you weren’t there. The democrats/union/liberals, whatever you want to call them were so loud the whole 2-3 hours we stood there. I thought we lived in America where we could voice our opinions?! Well we didn’t invite the lefties to our rally. I never saw one tea party person give the finger or swear at anybody, but the people who the rally wasn’t for were doing that to us the WHOLE 2-3 hours (we got there early). We aren’t racist, or nazis (like some of them were saying), or the KKK or skinheads & yet we were so disrespected by the others. You wonder why we were mad that we weren’t allowed to hear our speakers speak?!?!?!??!?!??!?

      A noise maker made his way up to the front right in front of the speaker & for 2 hours had a noise maker going & than later was constantly yelling liar,liar,liar, liar…We didn’t provoke any of that. The best part is when anything patriotic was said it was booed by the lefties. UNBELIEVABLE! If you people don’t like America, don’t want to see it prosper, don’t want good things to happen to Americans…then leave!

      You Lefties/Democrats/Liberals were a disgrace to your own party & are you too stupid to realize how ridiculous you all looked? Booing the National Anthem was the best way to show what you were all about.

      Don’t forget we didn’t ask you to come.

      I even tried talking to a couple of you & they were shouting so loud I couldn’t even say what I wanted. so when some people show a bunch of tea party people ganging up on a poor whoever, that was an exception.

  17. Leo

    As a radical lefty, allow me to salute rebelpundit for publishing a damn funny video.

  18. Mrs D

    April 17, 2011 at 7:26 pm
    shari says:
    “whoa! He seriously needs to go back on his meds!!”

    I think he was self-medicating, Jaaaaaaaa?

  19. John Ramon

    I usually support democrats on most issues but the way they have behaved during the legislative process and fleeing to IL made me really question my affiliation. I’m not saying I’m going to vote Republican but the unions sure lost my support and have no honor as far as I’m concerned. I don’t believe the man in the video represents Democrats but he clearly needs some quality time with a licensed mental health professional. Sorry but the truth is the truth.

  20. StubbleSpark

    Madison is the lion’s den when it comes to Leftist ideology. You have a city full of state employees, college professors, students, and the whole host of human parasites that live off of them. My support for Sarah was lukewarm to moderately disinterested/annoyed but after seeing her speak there, I am duly duly impressed.


    This shouting retardista is a very familiar sight from my alma mater…

  21. Joe Daniels

    Ahhhhhh ā€¦. These guys are so warm and humble. They are lovable little fuzzballs. They remind me of Gandhi or Mother Teresa.

  22. GarandFan

    Guy has some major anger management issues. Perhaps a cup of tea would calm him down?

  23. paul

    It’s like a deleted scene from Mad Max.

    “I am the Nightrider! I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine!”

  24. Possum Dearie

    Laughing so hard! He seems really happy in a way, like he just stumbled into the perfect venue for some drunken primal scream therapy. The other guy was just egging him on. “Make your choice now, Sarah!”

  25. rock

    This video is more about the courage in the face of adversity that Sarah Palin has, than it is about the goons who have tried to, shout her down, to surpress her right to speak.
    Why are you surprised, it is the very thing Obama’s media does every day. They scream like the babies they are. They can only stand dissent when it follows their agenda. or they become harsh and violent.
    Does she have the courage to be President?..Your damn right she does. THIS WAS THE BEST SPEECH SHE HAS GIVEN SINCE THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION…and under great odds.
    She is a leader.

    She has faced a “ruthlessness” unknown before in American politics. The thin skinned,feminine liberal boy,Obama would have crumbled.
    That is why i love Sarah Palin,she has never been afraid to tell the truth. This day in Madison,Wisconsin,her light shined brighter than 1000 suns.

  26. rock

    My blog, if you believe in Sarah

    This is not about some freak who thinks he is a gift from God, this is a a testament to the absolute courage,and strenght of Sarah Palin.
    Her light burned brighter than 1000 suns on this day in Madison. Under the dreary afternoon sky,being shouted down ,by men who have no interest in freedom,or dissent,she came and delivered her best speech since the republican convntion.
    She is the real thing. If you don’t see that ,than you have your eyes closed.


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