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Last Thursday night, filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus were on the ground in New York City for the massive #NeverTrump demonstrations against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and the New York Republican Party Gala event.

#NeverTrump activists marched in five feeder marches that converged in front of Grand Central Station and the Grand Hyatt hotel.

The following video previews our upcoming short film, “#NeverTrump: Only Revolution.”

Don’t miss Segal & Marcus’s short film “Silencing Trump: Bill Ayers & the Fire from Below,” filmed in Chicago last month.

#NeverTrump protesters spanning the political spectrum, from red-star communists to Republican supporters of Ted Cruz, stood together against Donald Trump with open calls for “revolution, nothing less.”

You can help finish the film #NeverTrump: Only Revolution by clicking here.


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  1. Beverly Zurman

    Hi Fellow Americans:

    My greeting has special meaning. This is not specifically about Mr Trump, however, it may not hurt for him among others to point it out.

    We’ve read the medias claims of fraud, crimes and FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton. It may not be that simple.

    What she has done, and is so questioned about, is not the primary topic, nor should it be. She, if she’s elected, will be voted into Office. She will not be “dropped” there, magically.

    If the Citizens of this country vote for her, they are voting for a person being investigated by the FBI for Crimes. , as she runs for President of this Country.

    How do Americans explain their voting for such a person under FBI investigation to lead. What does it say about Americans. Would ay other person have been arrested by now.

    This is a big problem.

    Please forward to Mr Trump and Mr Sanders.


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