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The University of California Irvine has suspended its College Republicans after a “paperwork mishap” until Spring of 2017 after hosting, Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative, to speak at the university on June 2, 2016. The UCI College Republicans were forced to jump through various hoops such as requiring the group to pay $1000 in security fees (later successfully contested by the College Republicans).

UC Irvine Administration imposed a harsh penalty by revoking the College Republican privileges to hold future events on campus until Spring of 2017.

UC Irvine’s College Republican President, Ariana Rowlands, told Breitbart News that just four hours after meeting with the administration she received an email stating the group had been suspended for a full year.

Andrew Marcus highlights the hypocrisy of the University sanctions against the College Republicans for failing to properly insure against the University’s own violent-progressive students. Rather than addressing the threats imposed against Milo and the fundamental need for this security to ensure students can benefit from a full marketplace of ideas, the Administration chose to suspend basic rights of the students to participate in civil discourse on campus.

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