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I understand but don’t share the exuberance some residents of Boston and the country felt celebrating the capture of the second terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last night. I wasn’t cooped up all day, fearing for my life, having witnessed the battlefield brought to my own city.

But the battlefield was brought to my country, within my borders. It is unacceptable and I want to do something about it.

First, we can use the situation to view how our media and our culture-enforcers have exposed themselves through their coverage and reactions.

The Professor has pointed out the culture divide over guns that was revealed more fully over the past few days. Count me as among those for whom the thought crossed my mind, “it sure would be nice to have a gun if I was in one of those homes.”

And of course Chris Matthews, MSNBC in general, Hollywood, Michael Moore, etc., revealed their disdain for Americans like you and me — America-loving, bible-reading, gun-toting (soon, I hope, in Illinois), Constitution-respecting, not racist, not sexist, just actually ok with America being the wonderful melting pot that it is.

Then, I’d like to suggest two actions that I think we need to do as citizens and watchdogs, which we all are, of the freedoms our Constitution protects:

1) Start reading the Qur’an

2) “Like” CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) on Facebook

The first, to start reading the Qur’an, because politicians, like President Obama, and CAIR, both provided incorrect quotes from the Qur’an regarding what these two terrorists did: murder. My friend Lee Stranahan took Obama and CAIR’s statements that paraphrased from the Qur’an, and compared them with the text. Stranahan writes:

In wake of the revelation that the Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were Muslims, CAIR aka the Council on American-Islamic Relationship sprang into action. The group says their “mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. ” That’s good because I don’t understand something. CAIR issued this press release and the first paragraph of the statement by CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said:

“Americans are united today in condemning terrorism and in the conviction that those responsible for the terrorist attacks in Boston must face justice. This cowardly attack resulted in the murders of an eight-year-old-boy and two women, and the wounding of many others. As God tells us in the Quran, if you murder one person, it is as if you murdered all of humanity.”

Is that what the Qur’an says? I don’t claim to be a Qur’an scholar but I do know how to read. A quick look at the actual verse shows that it says something quite different than the equivalent of Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Stranahan then goes on to quote the specific mentions within the Qur’an that offer a much different prescription for the appropriateness of murder. A simple exercise, going to the text, that I’ve avoided in the past, but is quite illuminating.

The second is to “like” CAIR on Facebook.

Why do you want to see their propaganda showing up on your timeline amongst cat videos and pictures from your friend’s wedding? To read and observe. CAIR has been setting the narrative that the media, and the left, have been inserting into their coverage of this event.

I reported on how CAIR put out a demand that the media drop the term “Islamist,” which the Associated Press obeyed in its latest stylebook, which I was alerted to by a post on their page. It was to CAIR’s facebook page that I was most heavily attuned during the Boston attacks. Today you will see on this page the narrative reflected in tomorrow’s (or today’s papers). A video from a CAIR representative saying the terrorist attack was about the act, not faith or ethnicity.

There’s a link to an article in the always helpful Chicago Tribune, “Muslims guard against backlash,” detailing how Muslims are fearing for a possible backlash. Yes, the Tribune used its pages to detail something that has not happened, but might. Other articles detailing the same thing are also linked on CAIR’s page: the goal is clear, shift the focus from the terrorists, find a way to demonize Americans.

What you see on CAIR’s page, you see in the media. And when they, or our President, misconstrue the Qur’an, call them on it.

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