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Park Forest cop, Craig Taylor is on trial on charges of felony reckless conduct in the death of 95-year old WWII vet, John Wrana. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune calls it a “textbook case about the use of excessive force by police.”

John Wrana, the 95-year-old World War II veteran killed by police, wasn’t killed for selling illegal “loosie” cigarettes on the streets of New York.

And he wasn’t killed by an officer on the street in a small town outside St. Louis, just after wrestling for the cop’s gun and punching the cop in the face.

When John Wrana died, entertainers and NFL players and basketball stars didn’t identify with him. They didn’t raise their hands up or wear T-shirts with his name, there was no hashtag justice for him, or protests, or public anger.

In July 2013, five cops burst into Wrana’s room at an assisted living facility. All were armed with weapons, Taylor with a beanbag shotgun. Taylor shot beanbag rounds into Wrana’s stomach at close range. The officers stated that they initially believed he had a 2-foot long machete. The machete was actually a shoehorn.

Like Brown and Garner, Wrana was resisting, too. Unlike them, he wasn’t large or powerful. He resisted because he was afraid and delusional, perhaps paranoid, symptoms attributed to a reported urinary tract infection. Wrana had refused treatment.

The five cops rushed the 95-year old and Taylor shot him with beanbag rounds. Wrana died from internal bleeding.

John Wrana was white. Taylor is black.

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  1. Robert Stone

    The media picks stories that will gain them the most viewership to sell the most advertising to make the most money, and they have been proven to distort and leave out facts to sensationalize the stories this story is just sad, therefore no media coverage

  2. Jesse

    Well gee, I’m sorry I’m white but I don’t feel compelled to go out and riot and loot because a white was shot by a black. I’ll let the courts handle it. I don’t understand why he shot him because he was very elderly and it seemed to be going through a medical incident. But to shoot him with a shotgun ? And why not find out 1st if he really did have a deadly weapon 1st. In the cowboy days they would lasso him 1st.


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