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New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, while giving a talk at Yale University October 24, was taken on by Rabbi Shmully Hecht, who held up a banner decrying Friedman’s Ivory-Tower-bestowed solution for Jews’ problems.

On one side the banner read, “With friends like Chomsky, Soros, Mearsheimer, and Thomas Friedman, does Israel need enemies?”

The pulitzer-prize-winning Friedman’s response? “That’s stupid.”

Hecht then reversed the banner, which read, “Tommy, Jews don’t need solutions from your 11,000-square foot Ivory tower.”

Friedman, bristling at the banner, replied that this was not the makings of an intelligent conversation, to which the Yale audience responded heartily with laughter and applause.

[vsw id=”hHxhda18MIw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

As you can see at the end of the clip, Friedman couldn’t leave the room quickly enough. Maybe he was hurrying to join the next Turkish-launched flotilla, which departed today. Jan Schakowsky, any comments?

H/T Israel National News 


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  1. Tom

    who cares about Israel? Let them worry about themselves. America has enough problems and should be the welfare daddy for Israel. they are more than capable of paying their own bills and most dont like the current gov. More neocon propaganda

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