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Dan Proft spoke at the Chicago Tea Party October Monthly Meeting.  Keith Liscio, Chicago Conservative Examiner, had this coverage of Proft’s remarks:

Proft is no newcomer to the Tea Party movement.  In his introduction, Tea Party organizer Steve Stevlic noted that Proft was present at the earliest events in Chicago, huddling with a few other hardy souls at the first Tea Party in February of last year in a 19 degree chill.

According to Proft, the media, Democrats and even Republicans do not understand the movement or its motivations, frequently portraying it as a “temper tantrum.”  Each tends to project its own motives, fears, or hopes on the Tea Party based on what they want to happen.  In the end, however, Proft claims that the Tea Party is, in essence, a rational “reaction to an assessment based on evidence.”  As he puts it, when people see the government “spend $31,000 per household and collect only $18,000 per household in taxes, and then multiply that by 115 million households, it all adds up to financial insolvency.  People get that.”

via The Tea Party Movement: A Fundamental Political Re-Alignment in America | Chicago Tea Party.

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