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Planning to watch the VP debate tonight? I have no fear, kind of like I had no fear when Dick Cheney was debating John Edwards. They’re not similar really at all except that I’m pretty sure Paul Ryan can handily hand it to Biden.

So it may be a fun night to incorporate a drinking game. Enjoy.

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  1. bill

    Perhaps you might add a third category from which would mandate a drink
    The Moderator:
    If she tries to rush to another topic when it is obvious Biden has made a charge Ryan should be allowed to counter
    If she hesitates and offers Biden an opportunity to challenge a statement made by Ryan.
    If she asks a question that sounds more like a statement.
    If she hints to Biden a counter to an argument made by Ryan.
    At the end if Bidens time exceeds two minutes more than Ryan’s, you must chug the bottle


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