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Be careful about going to the Center for Disease Control website and checking your Body Mass Index if you think you could lose a few pounds. Entering my height and weight I found myself to be not only overweight but only five pounds from obese. The CDC’s calculator doesn’t ask your gender, age (other than adult) or bone structure size. Consequently, I’m categorized the same as a 21-year, fine-boned college female gymnast.

To her credit first lady Michelle Obama has raised awareness about childhood obesity; unfortunately, it didn’t stop with education. The Department of Agriculture now has broad new powers to regulate school lunches to a limit of 750-850 calories per plate. The six-foot tall senior girl who practices volleyball two hours per day is restricted to the same calories as the 130 pound freshman boy who spends the same time in the library.

The overreach of the government nutrition police recently judged a mother’s home-packed turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice to be in violation of nutrition guidelines. A funny youtube video mocks the one size fits all government standards.

The new health care bill allows government to determine what constitutes acceptable health care coverage. Whether one has coverage or the personal choice of deductible levels and coverage compliant with religious beliefs are not to be tolerated. Arguably the government now has a vested financial interest in forcing you into what the ‘state’ determines to be healthy practices.

In an effort to impose “what is good for us” over free choice New York City now limits soft drink sizes and bans the use of trans fat in restaurants. New York City Health commissioner Dr. Thomas A. Farley wrote in an article presented at a JAMA media briefing:

“The balanced and most effective approach is for governments to regulate food products that harm the most people…..Although the idea of government action to prevent obesity by regulating portion size is new, this action is easily justifiable…”.

Incrementally, from seat belts and smoking to our food, health care choices and lifestyles the ‘state’ relentlessly makes for us are waging war on individualism and pursuing the homogenization of America.

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W C (Bill) Augustine,

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