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On Monday night grassroots activists marched to the home of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. Chisholm has a notorious history of selective prosecution and is now under fire from Milwaukee residents over his failure to bring justice in several homicides and officer-related homicides across the county.

Chisholm is also the mastermind behind the secretive John Doe Probe into Conservative activists in Wisconsin, which included pre-dawn “paramilitary style” raids and confiscation of private property at activists homes. In his effort, Chisholm hoped to find criminal behavior that helped Governor Scott Walker defeat a recall attempt led by labor unions in 2012.

Chisholm’s home was well guarded by Milwaukee Police who posted a “No Trespassing” sign on his front lawn, prior to the grassroots activists arrival. The demonstration was peaceful and the activists sang “Silent Night,” an apparent reference to the silence they hear from DA Chisholm regarding the many cases they would like to see brought to justice.

Curtis Sails told RebelPundit, “I can say that John Chisholm hasn’t effectively done his job….We feel that failure and that silence is justice denied.”

There were 41 officer-related deaths in the state of Wisconsin between 2008 and 2013. 14 of those deaths occurred in Milwaukee, under the watch of Chisholm, who was elected to office in 2007. Chisholm says there hasn’t been enough evidence (from the police’s internal investigations) to support charges in any of those cases.

Dontre Hamilton was the most recent casualty, at the hands of former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney. According to Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, Manney performed an “out-of-protocol pat-down,” on Hamilton, who was an “emotionally distressed person.” As that situation escalated, Manney shot Hamilton 14 times, resulting in Hamilton’s death. After reviewing the case, Chief Flynn terminated Manney from the Milwaukee Police Department.

Flynn said, “despite of Manney’s accurate assessment of Hamilton as an EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person), Manney treated hamilton as a dangerous criminal.” The physical search, however, was outside of standard policy because it was unjustified by reasonable suspicion, and that ultimately led to the use of deadly force against Hamilton:

You don’t go hands on and start frisking someone because they appear to be mentally ill…because of those actions, bad decisions resulted in the use of deadly force.

This was not a call of a mentally ill man waving a gun.

It has been seven months since Hamilton was killed, and John Chisholm has remained silent as to whether or not he prosecute Manney.

Derrick Williams died in the back of a police car after police ignored his complaints that he couldn’t breathe for more than ten minutes. That death can be seen in a horrifying and graphic video. Chisholm did not prosecute police on the scene.

In another notable case (non-officer related), Chisholm decided not to prosecute the three men responsible for the death of 16-year old Corey Stingley. Stingley, who was shoplifting at a convenient store, was apprehended by three men in the store and allegedly choked to death before police arrived on the seen. That incident can be seen via security camera footage, which prompted a documentary by Vice News detailing the case.

Nate Hamilton (Dontre Hamilton’s brother) told RebelPundit, “We want him (John Chisholm) to know this blood, you have to rinse this blood off your hands. You can’t continue to say there’s no way to give justice, there’s no way to find truth.”

Following the protest I caught John Chisholm walking up to his house. I asked Chisholm if he had a comment on the protest. He replied, “No.”

**UPDATE** DA Chisholm spoke with Express Milwaukee on Tuesday and said he will issue a decision on whether or not he will prosecute Chris Manney before the end of the year.

Chisholm said, “I certainly will get it done before the start of the coming year. And I anticipate even sooner than that. I’d very much like to have resolution of this matter.”

Judging from Chisholm’s comments throughout the interview, it seems likely he will not prosecute Manney.

**UPDATE** On Monday morning, DA Chisholm announced he will not prosecute former officer Christopher Manney for killing Dontre Hamilton.

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