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2 Chicago Teachers Union Officials Arrested for Battery after Sexually Harassing Journalist

CTU Arrest Marty Ritter

Last week, Chicago Teachers staged a massive protest demonstration in downtown Chicago. Their union brought in, none other than notable anarchist revolutionary Lisa Fithian to provide “non-violent civil disobedience” training to the teachers, in preparation for the march. Two members of the Chicago Teachers Union were arrested for Battery of Yours Truly, during the CTU’s “non-violent civil…

Exclusive Video: Chicago Teachers Union Pawns Protest Rahm

Chicago Teachers Union Protests Rahm

Monday night Chicago Teachers Union and Occupy Chicago protesters, along with some local residents, showed up in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood to protest converting 18 public schools into charter schools. While none of the schools considered for conversion are in the north-side neighborhood, these community organizers chose this location specifically because it is where Mayor…