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VIDEO: Standoff between OccupyDC and CPAC

OccupyDC Cpac 2

Lee Stranahan records the standoff between the OccupyDC protesters and the CPAC attendees as the Occupiers are allowed, by the police, to block a public street: [vsw id="-ZU9y6IHm48" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] A bystander says, “they’re [the police] telling us to leave, but they [the Occupiers] can stay….it’s unbelievable!” Watch as the CPAC crowd drowns…

OccupyDC Rushes CPAC–Police Push Back, One Arrest Made

OccupyDC at CPAC

BREAKING: Late Friday afternoon, the OccupyDC mob rushed CPAC, forcing the police to push protesters back. One arrest was made of a credentialed media person; no occupiers appear to have been arrested. The police are allowing the protesters to block the driveway to the hotel, where guests and other visitors are now unable to pass…