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The Daily Caller reports that state employees of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission may have been coerced to attend a political event with Nancy Pelosi and Jesse Jackson. A whistleblower signed an affidavit attesting to the details of the excursion, for which she was reimbursed her travel and hotel expenses but told she must attend.

The whistleblower felt uncomfortable during the Rainbow PUSH event with Nancy Pelosi, which Rebel Pundit covered earlier this year, due to the highly partisan nature. The whistleblower indicated that Pelosi and others attacked the Republicans and praised the Democratic Party.

After the event, the 76 ISACorps employees were told they were to meet with Jesse Jackson, where he instructed them as to how to sell-in student loan (and that it would be forgiven by Democrats in the future anyways):

Documents and a whistle-blower affadavit obtained by The Daily Caller charge that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., participated in an unethical — and possibly illegal — effort to force 76 employees of an Illinois state agency to engage in political activity on the taxpayers’ dime.

According to the whistle-blower, Rev. Jackson also encouraged the government employees to load first-generation and low-income college students up with student loan debt — because Democrats in Congress, he allegedly promised, would eventually pass laws to forgive that debt later. “[T]hose people will continue to vote Democratic,” Jackson Sr. said, according to the whistle-blower.

Watch Nancy Pelosi praise Jesse Jackson’s understanding of the Constitution in our post from March 2012:

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