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Earlier this week, we reported on an assault against tea partiers that occurred in Missouri, at Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill’s “Kitchen Table Talk.” has now released the audio of the conversation between the victims and the police following the incident. The audio is not 100% clear, however, you can clearly hear the police officer on the scene acknowledge the incident that occurred was indeed an assault.


Exclusive Audio – Citizens Assaulted By Goons Enforcing Claire McCaskill’s Illegal Recording Ban.
On Thursday a group of Tea Party Patriots attended a public meeting in a public library with staff members of MO Sen. Clare McCaskill.

When They arrived they were greeted a sign announcing a recording ban at the meeting. The Constitutionally aware Patriots informed the staffers that the ban was illegal and they would be recording the session. That’s when some goons from the audience (presumably McCaskill Supporters) assaulted 2 of the Tea Party Members.

One of the assault victims is a 95 lb mother of 2. Her complete side of the story can be found here.

[vsw id=”7vj39qS8heY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  1. John

    I’m not a guy who likes the idea a suing everyone, but this kind of nonsense has happened to enough people enough times where I think it is warranted. Sue McCaskill, sue the people who committed the assault and make sure they are charged criminally as well.


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