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William Carruba, a high school senior from Granite City, Ill., has been told he cannot wear a Scottish kilt to his senior prom by his district’s school board.

According to school superintendent Harry A. Briggs, Carruba must adhere to “normal dress,” and that attending prom “is a privilege, not a right.”

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Carruba, who special-ordered the kilt months ago, was quoted in St. Louis Today: “One of my great-grandfathers came to this country in the 1700s for freedom,” he said. “Saying I can’t wear my kilt … is a pronouncement that I cannot honor my family.”

Which begs the question — what if a Muslim student were to wear a traditional hijab to the prom — is that also disallowed?

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  1. auzerais310

    Everyone knows for certain that if a Muslim student expressed his intention of coming to the prom dressed in his family tribe’s native Arab garb, the Granite City school district would have absolutely no problem with that (mainly because they wouldn’t DARE! say no.)


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