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More good times on Pennsylvania Avenue. Yesterday, Michelle Malkin reported on President Obama’s White House document dump over Thanksgiving. As usual, there are some interesting, yet unsurprising names on the list.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowky’s husband, convicted felon Robert Creamer–the man who designed the blueprint of Obamacare while in prison–was a White House guest five times in August alone. Also on the list was everybody’s favorite MSNBC “news” anchor, Rachel Maddow.

From Michelle Malkin:

Another busy bee: Convicted felon, Huffington Post/Alinskyite agitator, and husband of Illinois Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Robert Creamer.

According to the newly released records, Creamer was at the White House five times in August 2011 meeting with various officials, including Jon Carson, Cecilia Munoz, and Stephanie Cutter. He’s listed nearly 60 times in visitor logs since the start of the administration.

Corruptocrats of a feather…



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