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On August 21, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky held a protest against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital outside the company’s Evanston, IL, office. Schakowsky was protesting Bain’s work with Sensata, a company with a factory in rural Illinois, which has recently had to move many of their jobs overseas.

While Schakowsky had been heavily promoting her attendance at the rally, she ended up bailing on the protest, sending a staffer to read a statement in her absense. Republican challenger Tim Wolfe did attend, and spoke about his plans to get Illinois back on track:

“In Illinois and in the United States we’ve got to get this tax structure fixed, get regulations fixed, we’ve got to create an environment–that businesses want to move here…. she’s really not giving jobs the attention it deserves.”

Wolfe sent out a press release highlighting Schakowsky’s no-show and detailing his own solutions:

The Democratic policies of tax and spend work against any kind of economic recovery. Then we get the kind of major economic problems that Schakowsky helped create. And all the fake demonstrations in the world will not help fix it.  Actual economic reforms need to take place….

…In order to achieve any kind of economic recovery, it is necessary to have policies in alignment with first principles. A free market provides growth and activity and ultimately economic prosperity. More government (and the taxes necessary to pay for it) depresses growth and innovation because government is not the motivation for entrepreneurship. Success is.

Wolfe continued:

The fact that Illinois continues to lose jobs and tax revenues as businesses move to more business-friendly climates means we need to find ways of correcting the policies that create this result.  This is a challenge that I will enthusiastically address.

For more information on 9th district candidate Tim Wolfe (R), visit his website.

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