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The Janesville, WI, Police Department today determined that no sexual assault took place at a recent Trump Rally on March 29, 2016, and the alleged victim was instead a perpetrator of violence, despite numerous false media reports and the publishing of selectively edited video of the incident. RebelPundit’s Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal were on-the-ground at the Janesville rally, interviewed eyewitnesses, and spoke repeatedly with the Janesville PD thoughout the investigation. The footage they published has been instrumental in the police’s findings, including the female admitting “I deserved it,” as she walked away.

At a press conference on the afternoon of March 31, 2016, the Janesville Policy Department determined that the young female who alleged a sexual assault had occurred was instead herself a perpetrator of violence.

“We reviewed this video as well as many others and we did not find evidence of a sexual assault. The video does not support evidence of a sexual assault. It does support that a punch was delivered by the 15-year-old and it certainly supports that an OC spray was used.” The police interviewed both the young woman who alleged herself to be a victim of sexual assault, the alleged perpetrator who has since been completely cleared of any wrongdoing, along with 15 witnesses.

The Janesville Police also stated that the 15-year-old punched a Mr. Crandall and that this warranted an assault charge for this action, but because Mr. Crandall declined to press charges, she was instead referred to the juvenile authorities for her act of violence.

“That punch and the use of OC spray were both acts of violence,” said the officer.

Media outlets included the Daily Mail, CBS News, the New York Post, Think Progress, and countless others posted selectively edited video that shows only one part of the incident – where the female was pepper-sprayed. Video footage obtained by reveals that the female anti-Trump protester first throws a punch at an elderly man, before another young man appears to pepper-spray her in retaliation.

In fact, the entire video, and additional footage obtained by RebelPundit, show that not only did the female punch the elderly man first, but also that her claim on the video of having been “fondled” is false, the same conclusion reached by the Janesville Police Department after reviewing the footage.

Despite Rebel Pundit’s on-the-scene video footage, mainstream media have covered up these crucial minutes of the videos, resulting in false and defamatory reporting, and media malpractice of the highest order.


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