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A couple of weeks ago, Rebel Pundit posted video of a lunatic anti-Tea Party protester who showed up to a PUBLIC protest in a PUBLIC square, and shouted angry obscenities at the crowd while holding up an offensive sign.Rebel Pundit posted that video to YouTube as a part of his journalistic coverage of the event.

Then, last week, Rebel Pundit received a threatening letter from the daughter of the lunatic captured in the video. She demanded that the video be taken down:

Concerning one of your videos
You have a video of a gentleman at the tea party rally in Chicago this past tax day (Monday). I am requesting that you please remove it from Youtube as well as your website ““. If nothing is to be done on your side to remove this material from the internet, actions will be taken to make sure this video is removed and negative repercussions may follow.  It is quite evident that you were harassing this man, and there is no evidence of a video/photo release statement. If this video is not taken down in a timely manner, please be aware that you will be contacted again quite soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to my email account:‬

Correctly, Rebel Pundit said no. His video is completely newsworthy, and the crazy person in question has ZERO expectation to privacy in these circumstances.

Last night YouTube took the video down.

Never mind the rights of the American who filmed the clip and posted it to YouTube. There is an angry unhinged lefty to protect. First amendment be damned.

Because we disagree with this disgusting action taken by YouTube, we are re-posting the video. Decide for yourself if you think YouTube or the Lunatic featured in the clip has any right to do what they have done.


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