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Mayoral candidate, Alderman Bob Fioretti, is taking Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to task for only addressing public perception of crime in Chicago instead of actually addressing crime. Fioretti spoke with Fox 32 News.

Fioretti said safe streets and strong neighborhoods are his priority. He said Mayor Emanuel has been better at managing the public’s perception of city crime than at reducing it. He had similar comments about police superintendent Garry McCarthy.

The backbone of Fioretti’s plan is to hire 500 additional police officers. Fioretti said, every year, he’ll also replace the estimated 500 officers who leave the force — typically for retirement.

His plan also includes stricter background checks for gun purchases, faster 911 responses and going after gangs. He did not divulge where the money will come from for the plan, but he vowed to find it.

Fioretti’s plan can be found here.


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