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This morning we learned from Mayor Rahm Emanuel that the ends justify the means if it means that a park might come out at the other end.

Nine years ago, Mayor Daley trucked in a line of bulldozers in the dead of the night to carve giant Xs into Meigs Field, a small Chicago airport that also served as a flight traffic control hub for the entire region.

Planes planning to take off from the airport early the next morning, unaware of Daley’s midnight power grab, were grounded due to the illegal, thug move by the Mayor. A judge even had to step in to protect the assets Daley hadn’t yet bulldozed. Thursday, Emanuel gave it his “Chicago Values” stamp of approval:

“It is right, yes, [on] this level this way: Meigs Field is no longer here. Northerly Island will be a part of the city in a way that everybody can experience. The plan developed for this was the right thing to do and now, we’re realizing that plan,” Emanuel said.

“I’ll leave it to others to make that judgment [of whether the end justified the means]. I think it was the right thing to do . . .”

The “ends?” Chicago’s Northerly Island, once home to the crucial Meigs Field (and a key piece of a larger dirty Chicago politics power play) will be developed with the help of a $2.8M federal grant into a “nature preserve” and “urban campsite.”

Emanuel, having already aligned himself with the First-Amendment-busting Alderman Moreno, has now aligned himself with one of the dirtiest and dangerous actions by our former Mayor Richard Daley.

Why did Mayor Daley bulldoze Meigs, an airport so beloved and integral to the region’s air traffic control that it prevented a mid-air collision just weeks prior to Daley’s bulldozing–and that has an entire organization, “Friends of Meigs Field,” devoted to it?

Just a few weeks after being re-elected, Mayor Daley ordered an illegal midnight bulldozing of Meigs’ runways, failing to give proper notice and even stranding over a dozen aircraft on the ground at the airport.  As of this writing, the mayor and the City of Chicago are under federal investigation for misuse of federal aviation funds for the demolition.

The mayor’s announced reasoning for the closure was to somehow prevent terrorists from mounting an attack on downtown Chicago, but the true reason was to fulfill his long dream of converting Meigs to a park.

It was also part of larger–also bordering-on illegal (aka Chicago Values sanctioned)–move by Daley to expand O’Hare airport. Meigs was part of a plan to relieve traffic at O’Hare, and thus take away Daley’s incredibly expensive project to expand the already-dangerously congested O’Hare airport. If traffic were relieved, there would be no justification for expanding O’Hare.

Not to worry, Daley would go on to declare eminent domain over property owners bordering where O’Hare expansion would take place, outside the city limits of Chicago just to ensure his plan would go forth.

Fast forward to Emanuel’s comments, perhaps given in an effort to round out his week on a “Chicago Values” historic note, where he indicated his complete endorsement of the midnight bulldozing of the airport, because it gives Chicago another park.

This focus on public-placating parks, gardens, and works is taking priority in Chicago, above gang violence, African American unemployment, pension reform, drug cartels. (Apparently, protecting bike lanes follow a close second on Mayor Emanuel’s priority list. Witness the bizarre Bike Lane cult emerging to criss-cross our city, elevating the concerns of the 1% of Chicagoans that bike to work and creating an odd religious-like zeal among the protected bike lanes’ adherents.  To be continued on that one…)

It’s an elevation of the government-decreed public good over individual rights of Chicagoans. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in aligning himself with the “Chicago Values” King, Mayor Richard Daley, is signalling just what kind of a regime we can look forward to in the belly of the beast.


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