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Today Occupy Chicago protesters stormed City Hall to let Mayor Rahm Emanuel know their displeasure in the recent arrests of the Occupy campers at Grant Park on Michigan Avenue.

They were lead by radical anti-war activists Joe Iosbaker and Andy Thayer, who we have reported on in the past for their ongoing investigations by the FBI. In September of 2010 they were targeted for suspicion of providing material support to Hamas, the F.A.R.C. and other terrorist organizations.

Photo H/T: FoundingBloggers

Here is footage of Thayer last spring addressing a Chicago crowd and calling for “action” like we saw in Egypt.

[vsw id=”zUGKgJCeoRs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Thayer and Iosbaker have played a key roll in organizing massive demonstrations in Chicago this coming May for the G-8 and NATO summits. The recent anti-war and Occupy protests have served as a clear rally cry to build momentum and support for these demonstrations next spring. The tandem duo worked their message and demands for G-8 and NATO protest permits into todays Occupy City Hall protest.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage and video footage from today’s march and “occupation” of City Hall.

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3 Responses

  1. Pat Hickey

    Great work, Pal.

    These two Commies need much, much, more attention. Where was ISM’s Kevin Clark? Kevy’s another Gold-plated ninny and kid killing creep.

  2. The Obama Timeline author

    As noted in The Obama Timeline, Isobaker was a leader of the New Party, a Marxist political party to which Obama belonged in the mid-1990s. Isobaker is also a union steward with the 24,000-member SEIU Local 73, and a writer for the Marxist magazine, Fight Back.

  3. Rick Santelli's Belly

    If we had not withdrawn from Vietnam in the 1970’s, we wouldn’t be dealing with this commie threat today! Backlist ’em all.


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