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Last Friday, around 150 Members of an extreme group of Palestinian radicals and Members of Hizb ut Tarhir (HTA) gathered at the Daley Center in Chicago to protest the Zionist government of Israel. At the protest was Rabbi Moses Brown, dressed in traditional Jewish garb, who was the keynote speaker.

Moses Brown is an anti-Zionist affiliated with, a radical anti-Zionist organization. He gave a shocking speech, rallying those in the audience against his own countrymen, whom he called Zionists, and claiming that the Palestinian suffering compares to the Jewish deaths in the Holocaust.

Brown: “Everybody knows the Jewish people were suffering from the concentration camps, but our suffering wasn’t as long as yours. Our suffering was maximum 5 years, max. Your suffering is now up to 60 years”:

During his speech, Rabbi Brown spoke about how, during World War II, the Nazis were the enemies of the Jewish people. Brown might be interested in looking into the history of collaboration between the Nazis and Muslims during that time period.

The Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini of Jerusalem created the SS Muslim Hanzar (or Handschar) Division and the SS (Saber) Division solely for the extrication of the Jews from the planet. From wikipedia:

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust states that “The Germans made a point of publicizing the fact that al-Husayni had flown from Berlin to Sarajevo for the sole purpose of giving his blessing to the Muslim army and inspecting its arms and training exercises”. According to Aleksa Đilas in The Nation That Wasn’t, al-Husayni: “accepted, visited Bosnia and convinced some important Muslim leaders that a Muslim SS division would be in the interest of Islam.”

The Mufti insisted, “The most important task of this division must be to protect the homeland and families (of the Bosnian volunteers); the division must not be permitted to leave Bosnia”, but the Germans paid no attention.

Although claims have been disputed, there is still wide speculation that the Grand Mufti may have pushed the Germans into implementing the “final solution” and diagrammed with SS Commander Heinrich Himmler the plan to murder millions of Jews.

When the Rabbi was informed of this history, he gave no response but a blank stare.

After his speech, Rabbi Brown was asked if he supported the rocket attacks by Hamas against the people of Israel. Brown replied that he did not support their actions, but that Israel should give back every blade of grass they stole back to the Palestinian people. In other words, he supports the dismantling of his own nation to an enemy.

Besides using this rabbi, organizers placed children at the front and center of the protest:

The protest organizers ensured that only the rabbi would give interviews and no other participants (although it was apparently alright to use children as props). Five Muslim men wearing security shirts and keffiyah neck scarves put a stop to an interview with a young protester was attempting to give at the end of the protest. The “security” detail informed the protester that only one man was allowed to grant interviews, none other than Rabbi Brown.

These radicals seem to be reluctant to roll out the welcome mat to reporters at their events. Why do they fear interviews with others besides their sanctioned props?

And, does this Rabbi comprehend how the radical Palestinians he is associating with truly feel about all Jews–including him? If HTA did not have a use for the the rabbi’s support of their anti-Israel radical platform, would he be allowed up on stage supporting them, or would he meet a different fate?

The HTA is using this anti-Zionist rabbi and all those who support them to further their war of deception against the Jewish people and, even more so, against America, the supporter of Israel for decades.

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