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Wednesday night’s field goal could have been a touchdown.

Wednesday evening Romney bested a President who was obviously out of shape after having been pampered by years of protection and the lack of any accountability by the media. Imagine the plight of a boxer out of training for years stepping into the ring with an opponent accustomed to taking punches.

Although Romney scored field goals he missed some touchdown opportunities. While he may have hesitated not wanting to look mean, teams that don’t score touchdowns in the red zone often come to regret it.

The most obviously lost opportunity was not following up on the “incentives to move jobs overseas.”He could have continued and scored a touchdown.

Mr. President, I have to ask you if this “incentive to move jobs overseas” exists, why have you not eliminated it? You have been President four years and your party had filibuster proof majorities for two years. Why didn’t you do anything about it? Often you have said you are working tirelessly to create jobs, why not eliminate this subsidy if it exists and save American jobs?

After that Romney could have added a 2-point conversion by adding:

Mr. President, whomever gets elected you will be President until January. Have your people write a consequential bill to eliminate this alleged subsidy to move businesses overseas and let’s get it passed before the end of the year. I’ll pledge to go to congress myself and lobby Republicans to vote for it, if you identify a real job exporting subsidy.

The left-wing Daily Kos website claims Obama is right and the “incentive to move jobs overseas” is the moving expense- Yes, the best they could do. The cost of moving is a business expense as is the cost of pencils, paper clips and employees. A company that moves out of the country can deduct the expenses associated with moving, as can a company that moves from Skokie to Aurora or Chicago to Dallas. For every $100 in moving expenses a corporation can save up to $35 in federal taxes. WOW, spend a hundred to save thirty-five, wonder companies aren’t moving all the time!

Seriously, expect to ultimately hear more of efforts to restrict companies from relocating. As the economic condition of some States (think California and Illinois running into bankruptcy by leftists and public employee unions) decline and more businesses leave placing extra burden on the remaining businesses and people, expect the left to come up with ideas to restrict movement. They will ultimately have no choice to stop the expanding snowball.

Expect the application of the Elizabeth Warren mindset-because of the roads, schools, firemen, etc, you don’t own yourself, the government holds a mortgage on you– taken up by President Obama in, “You didn’t build that.” Applying this mindset will be used eventually to prevent companies, and thereby also people, from moving to low tax/high opportunity states(Texas, Indiana). I can already hear the plea: Where is the fairness when one state invests in your business (bridges, schools, police protection) and another state benefits because you relocate to avoid your public debt?

Don’t be surprised when this argument will become a justification for disallowance of moving expenses, followed by new exit taxes and ultimately bans on moving businesses.

Think red-tape curtain.

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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