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That’s right folks, you didn’t misread that headline. A reader sent us this photo of a billboard advertising “Vision and Communism,” taken near Milwaukee Ave. and Bloomingdale in Chicago’s trendy-north-side Bucktown neighborhood.

The aggressive propaganda is being used to “advertise” a Soviet propaganda art exhibit at the “Smart Museum of Art” at the University of Chicago.

Tell me the communists aren’t coming.

H/T: Rich R. (Citizen on the Street)

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  1. Rick Santelli's Belly

    Fucking terrifying! Aggressive propaganda promoting and exhibit about Soviet propaganda? First they “advertise” an “art exhibit” and next thing we know, we’re locked up in the chains of communism.

  2. SandyfromChesterfield

    Vision and Communism
    September 29, 2011 – January 22, 2012
    Smart Museum of Art University of Chicago
    Calendar of programs
    Communist (Art) Party October 7
    UChicago students—drop by the Smart and make posters inspired by Soviet propaganda.
    Agitation! a Symposium **This event is full** October 14
    Keynote Address
    “Neither God nor Master”
    William Ayers
    Retired Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago and founder of both the Small Schools Workshop and the Center for Youth and Society

    Bernardine Dohrn
    Clinical Associate Professor, Northwestern School of Law, and founding director of the Children and Family Justice Center

    • John P Center

      this is one of the reasons my fav. college football team changes every week (anyone playing northwestern) the other reason is that they couldn’t find a reason to fire the holocoust denier BUTZ


  3. Rick Santelli's Belly

    Bill Ayers and George Soros clearly have a hand in this. We should all be VERY scared as we teeter on the brink of Communism here in America.


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