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Jews for Tebow represent at a Broncos game….

…And Wayne Root explains why all Americans should applaud Tebow’s outlook over at Independent Political Report:

Tim Tebow’s remarkable, magical, extraordinary success as an NFL quarterback isn’t just about sports, or his deep faith in Jesus Christ. It’s about leadership. It’s about sportsmanship. It’s about morality. It’s about a foundation of incredible work ethic. It’s about, finally having a superstar athlete who is truly a role model. Tim Tebow should be everyone’s All American. He is the kind of man every American- of any religion- should be proud of.

Tim Tebow is a symbol of the role faith plays in our country. Our laws, national anthem, pledge of allegiance, and currency are all based on a faith in God. Our sovereignty was won- against insurmountable odds- based on our political leaders’, military leaders’, and citizen soldiers’ faith in God and divine providence.

Photo H/T Owen Dwoskin

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