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The woman, Lisa Mahone, who filed a lawsuit against the Hammond Police department after two cops smashed her passenger window says she is continuing to be harassed by Hammond cops. The Post Tribune reported that cops came knocking on her door.

Lisa Mahone told the Post-Tribune on Saturday that a number of officers in a mix of marked and unmarked vehicles from the LaPorte Police Department and Indiana State Police showed up at her residence Wednesday morning. She said they were knocking on the doors and windows, including the patio door that leads to Mahone’s daughter’s room.

“My daughter ran into my room crying, ‘Mommy! I’m scared,’ ” Mahone said.

Mahone called the US Marshals to find out why they were at her door. The Marshals told her they were there to serve a 2007 warrant for her boyfriend, Jamal Jones, who was tasered during the incident that prompted the lawsuit. Jones was unaware there was a warrant outstanding against him.


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