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Yes, it just keeps getting more and more bizarre at the flea-breeding tent city known as Occupy Chicago.

The following video contains more footage from Saturday night, captured shortly after the erection of Chicago’s new favorite slum (the occupy tent city), from which a call is made for supporters to bring food. But not just any food. This member of the “new society” has a specific request for food recovered from dumpsters in addition to any food that farmers are getting ready to compost.

 “Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods usually have dumpsters full of food….if you go to farmers’ markets, ask the farmers for all the food they’re gonna compost….and bring it down here, because in the new society we’re gonna create, you know, we’re all here because of the earth, and we all need to support the earth….”

Yummm…. Bet you can’t wait for this new society they are “gonna create.”

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      • paul

        Part of our problem with this food and it is ashame to say is , that our world is spoiled with so much of it and take it for grantit and so we just throw away tons of it with the thought that , ” I paid for what I got and whatever happens at the end of the day is not my problem ” , Who Cares…. The other is the Lawers of today have their hands in the pie to get lawsuits of the risk of food poisoning and the like . So know one will take that chance of being seud , so they are kinda forced to throw it away… What a waist…

      • Dedicated_Dad

        “a shame”…”granted”…”(c)ares”…”(l)awyers”…”no”…”sued”…”waste”…

        Wow. If I were you, and had made it through “college” with no better education than you evidence here, I’d be pissed too!

        At *MYSELF.*

        So sad…

  1. Rick Santelli's Belly

    You are a true patriot for drawing attention to the fact that these dirty people eat food that would otherwise be thrown away. Fucking savages!

  2. heather

    The freegans will be setting up their camp in the ER … eating out of dumpsters is despicable!
    More out of the coming insurrection playbook!

  3. Asschun

    just like the mooching bums , I want free shit . We should bake these pinkO’s exlax muffins

  4. Tony Posedel

    Haha this site is more biased and spun than Fox News, it’s a good thing hardly anyone reads this crap.


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