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Because the Illinois machine just can’t take enough from the hard working people that haven’t yet fled the state, Occupy Party State Rep. Kelly Cassidy thinks law abiding gun owners in Illinois should pay a tax on ammo.

That’s right, a new “sin tax,” because we all know what a sin it is in the eyes of the left, to exercise your second amendment rights. Illinois Review reports that the Illinois State Rifle Association has condemned the proposed bill HB5167 that would impose a 2% sin tax on retail ammunition sales, sponsored by rep. Cassidy.

Revenue from the tax proposal would go towards the “High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund,” a fund which does not yet exist. In other words, hardworking Illinoisans who like to go hunting, target shooting or just prefer adequate self defense in their own homes, will be taxed to pay for the hospital bills of those involved violent crimes.

ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson commented, “The lawful firearm owners of this state are under no obligation to pay medical bills racked up by gang bangers, druggies, and other violent criminals.”

Proposing new tax revenue is nothing new for Rep. Cassidy. Just this past Martin Luther King Day, Cassidy joined fellow “Occupiers” in Chicago to Occupy the Dream, where she took to the pulpit of the Peoples [sic] Church to promote a progressive-income tax in Illinois. She discussed her pride in the ability she shared with Occupy Chicago to fill the church “to talk about making real change,” and promised to “….work hard to get true tax fairness for all of us….”

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Sadly the “us” she refers to are her fellow occupiers and not the majority of hard-working, decent-Illinois residents, whose right to keep and bear arms will surely be infringed upon by the new law, as she strives for “true-tax fairness.”

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