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Last week I covered a joint Occupy/union protest in Milwaukee, Wis., against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was there speaking at fundraiser for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. While covering the protest, some behind-the-scenes operatives became so agitated at the presence of a journalist asking questions that they went to extreme lengths to keep the participants views’ from being reported on or filmed. Although their signs called for a greater voice, they used their heavies to intimidate, obfuscate, and shut down any media presence that would have reported anything other than favorable coverage.

Particularly agitated was Bryan G. Pfeifer of, a communist organizer and writer at Workers World, who instructed protesters not to answer any questions and to obstruct my camera’s view. He was assisted in attempting to block coverage of the event and prevent interviews by Austin Thompson of the ANSWER Coalition and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Pfeifer and his followers became increasingly aggressive, shoving placards in front of my camera and face, as well as more physical actions including deliberately getting in front of me, shoving me, and blocking me from moving around the protest. One protester attempted to spit on me from behind when I wasn’t looking.

Gilbert Johnson, President of AFSCME Local 82 in Milwaukee, who also enjoys a close bond with other communists in Wisconsin, smashed cymbals in my face and near me in order to drown out his fellow protesters’ words. He also assisted Pfeifer in controlling the other attendees and insisting that they refrain from any interaction with my reporting–despite them voicing their individual consent to be interviewed on-camera. Johnson employed particularly foul and derogatory language, twice using the female-anatomy epithet “c*nt” on-camera. Other protesters from Wisconsin Steelworkers and AFSCME  unions wore Chicago Teachers Union shirts as sign of solidarity with their Chicago “brothers and sisters.”

While the left and the Democratic Party continue to claim that the anarchists, socialists and communists are a fringe element in their movement of solidarity, it’s ironic that at every protest we attend, that “fringe element” happens to be the same operatives organizing the protest, on the bullhorns with the clipboards in hand, directing the entire demonstration. Even more disturbing, these common elements seek to suffocate the voices of their own while enforcing a top-down culture of authority and closed-off posture regarding media coverage. Unless it’s media coverage they approve of. Some protesters were allowed to talk to outlets like AP, Milwaukee Public Radio and the local NBC affiliate.

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  1. Joshua

    I was listening to the video, and the part that has “inaudible” in the subtitles is where the woman is saying “You lied to us, you came on T.V. to say that you’re gonna get a revolution then turned around the next day and canceled it. You’re not what we thought you was.”

    “turned around the next day and canceled it” is where the “(inaudible)” was.

  2. Occupy Milwaukee

    This is blatant propoganda. I happened to be at this event, and YOU sir, were SHOUTING at us while people were speaking, people who were telling their real life stories. What this video doesn’t show is YOU getting in front of people’s faces, you shoving ME (by the way, I’m a woman.)to get to the front and shout at the speakers. I’m sorry, but you’re a liar. The people listed above are heroes for maintaining their composure during all of your immature nonsense.

    • rebelpundit

      Well, there was about 5 people filming me the entire time. Please feel free to send me any video footage you have of me shoving you, and getting in peoples’ faces, I will gladly publish it here. Otherwise, go back to using mentally handicapped individuals to spew your hate.

      • theshad

        I doubt she even watched your video, that action would not have been approved by her “heroes” and may have caused unsettling, non-group think thoughts to challenge all the air between her ears.

        I wonder how she would appreciate being called a “c**t”, she must be alright with that I guess, now that it’s union approved.

  3. Occupy Milwaukee

    What I don’t understand is if you people disagree with us, why come and break up what we’re doing? Organize yourselves if you think we’re that wrong. We don’t hate you. Not really sure why y’all have so much hate for some people holding signs and nonviolently standing up for what they believe in.

    • rebelpundit

      I never once attempted to break up this love and peace fest of yours. I only attempted to cover it, and was called names and spit at by your fellow goons. Hope your enjoying the never ending struggle for “social justice!”

  4. Westie

    The Leftist unproductive scum seen here are the trash our Chinese overlords will need to incinerate.


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