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Check out our coverage from Herman Cain’s presser at the event. He told us, he had no idea why none of the other candidates would show up to the event.

H/T to WIND Radio for the results.

 Herman Cain Wins TeaCon Midwest Straw Poll 

Herman Cain decisively won the first-ever TeaCon Midwest 2011 Straw Poll with 77.5% of the total votes. Here are the complete results:

10. Johnson 0%

10. Hunstman 0%

8. Obama 0.2%

7. Santorum 1.4%

6. Paul 1.8%

5. Romney 2.6%

4. Perry 3%

3. Gingrich 3.8%

2. Bachmann 9.4%

1. Cain 77.5%

42 Responses

  1. Tom in San Diego


    Ill bet that’s melting some earwax at the GOP Country Club.

    • Mike

      All this discussion of race is really a red herring.

      The real issues (as I see the race) are Jobs, the Economy, the Debt, and USSC nominees. Cain has a very strong opening position (his 9-9-9 plan)on the first three issues. Romney does too. So far, I couldn’t even guess what Perry’s recovery plan would be. I’d like to see MUCH GREATER concentration in future debates on how each candidate plans to manage the recovery.

      As for USSC nominees, THIS is where the future will TRULY be determined; Cain is much more likely to choose truly CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court nominees than either Romney or Perry, IMO. (I’ve had more than enough of RINO presidents selecting judges who turn out NOT to repect the Constitution.)

      I think Perry has killed his candidacy with his positions on border control.

  2. Iris D. Lynch

    I picked out Herman Cain as a winner long before he became known. He is exactly what we need right now. His being the same race as OBarassment will also tend to squelch SOME of the racist charges the left will convulsively fling.

    • Sharron J Misner

      I do not believe that voting for someone to prove you are not a racist is a good idea. I believe that is just what some people did the last time and look what happened. We need to vet these candidates better before we vote for them.

      • FlexoRick

        Not to worry.
        No one is voting to prove they are not a racist when they vote for Cain.
        Iris is simply stating the obvious.
        The libs absolutely WILL throw racism at any apposition to their ideologue obama.
        Can’t do that to Cain unless you are going to call him an uncle tom which makes the accuser the racist.
        Don’t be ignorant to the enemy designs.

      • zheng ye

        Cain is the real deal. His book on Leadership was an excellent read. The YouTube video showing him taking on Clinton on health care in ’94 was awesome. He is smoother extemporaneously than Obyango is with a teleprompter.

  3. Ackston

    Yeah but Jeannine Garofolo told us all that the Tea Party terrorists were all racists. Of course, as well all know, delusional has-been Hollywood actresses’ political ramblings are incontestable we we have to believe her, right.

  4. FanofHayek

    Herman Cain is NOT for small constitutional government. He supported the TARP bank bailout as shown by this column he wrote . He also supports government ownership of the banks in the same way the government owns a part of GM. He worked for the federal reserve and was chairman of the Kansas City federal reserve. As his column shows he also supported the federal reserve bank’s actions in 2008.

    I thought the whole point of the Tea Party and small government movement was to Stop supporting candidates that supported the federal reserve and the government bailouts of the banks.

    • 48a30

      I could only assume by your comment that you’re a Paul supporter. Although Paul has some good idea with respect to monetary policy, the guy will never, never, never, ever get the nomination. With the exception of some of his ideas on monetary policy, Paul is a wacko. Cain has explained in great detail regarding Tarp and the Fed. He agreed with the concept of Tarp, but opposed to how it was eventually implemented. Regarding the Fed, Paul and his supporters want to end the Fed. Because those very same folks that want it abolished have not explained what it will be replaced with and who will be controlling it. Cain rather takes the position of fixing the Fed, not abolishing it. Cain has a strong foreign policy, similar to Reagan’s. Paul’s foreign policy will get us killed. Where Cain is a true conservative, Paul is a true nut job.

      • JT Whistler

        Well done! People make statements and rely on talking points rather than facts. It pays to research every candidate. If the poster had bothered to read and understand what Mr Cain had written, he wouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. Although he does sound like a Ron Paul supporter.

  5. Bama

    When I look at Obama face I see the expression “You should be happy I am talking to you!”
    When I look at Herman Cain I see the expression “Damn! I know the life is tough!”

  6. Adrian Vance

    Mr. Cain is the most qualified man in the field. He is a graduate mathematician, Master Degree computer programmer who did rocket science for the Navy. Businessman and banker, former Regional Federal Reserve Chairman, very successful businessman and more… He can save America.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis,
    science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

  7. marcus w

    So you guys like been tax 9% that sounds stupid. You work hard for your money and they now what to tax you even more than the 7% been taxed Ron Paul 2012

    • bandito

      Could you translate this paragraph into English? Try using spell check, get help from, and pick up a copy of English composition as well. That would really help.

  8. Randy Crow

    There is BS going on with these straw polls Herman Cain is winning. For some reason the Neocon NWO Bankstes, the guys who pick our presidents, IMO, are bringing Herman Cain in to contention for the Republican nominee for president and I feel this is rigged. These straw poll results make no sense and reek of rigged. Of course anyone who questions them is going to be branded a racist. Obama made no sense in 2008 and Herman Cain makes no sense in 2012. Just as Obama has been horrible for America, this pushing Cain to the top is for some sinister agenda as well. This is not to say Cain is sinister. Its just the guys who manipulate who is our president are up to something and they are using Herman Cain for their agenda.

  9. Sharron J Misner

    What is wrong with these tea party people. Cain is not the conservative they think he is. He is against the second ammendment and says the states and local government should make the decision about gun control. This goes against the lastest Supreme Court Ruling. He is for affirmative action and doesn’t want the FED audited. Something is wrong these so called polls.

    • Rufus

      It’s funny that when the Paul-bots and libs pretending to be conservatives, they have to fabricate the truth in order to have an argument. Herman is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, unlike Ill.,and you need to go read his website about his vision of the role of the Fed.

  10. maxifaction

    I agree. Something is not right here. The Tea Party memebers I’ve spoken to are a lot smarter than this. Cain is not what we need. He has some serious baggage. The fact that some people are wanting him because he is black to stave off being called a racist is pathetic. This is an important election, probably the most important in most of our life times… please don’t blow it, folks. Get serious and let’s pick the BEST candidate for the job, not the one who makes us feel “comfortable” with ourselves.

  11. Joey Myers

    Amazing how so many Ron Paul supporters pop up with blown out of all proportion claims against Cain. Why is that? Your claims against him only validate even larger claims against Ron Paul the Pork Master. Is this yet another face of the racism that Ron and his followers wrap themselves with and claim isn’t there?

    • 48a30

      I don’t agree with your alleged racism finger pointing. I do however agree with you about Paul and his supporters. I’m beginning to think of Paul and his supporters as a conspiracy theory cult. Many of his supporters believe that 9/11 was an inside job, believe the Bilderberg group is secretly running the entire world and many of them listen to Alex Jones. They are very unhinged people who have the right to speak their mind. We have the right to discount their opinions as crazy, which indeed we should.

      • Jimbo

        RP views on NOT killing OBL & Al-awiki is proof that he is senile or as stupid as the truthers that are the majority of his followers(cultists).

      • Jon

        Cain agrees with Ron Paul’s views on NOT killing American citizens without a trial!

        Dr. Paul’s views are the TRUE conservative’s views.

        Never ending EMOTIONAL wars are a NEO-conservative, a movement that cooped the Reagan revolution.

        You arm chair warriors are so quick to send our finest men and women to the far corners of the earth to fight your emotional demons. Terrorist are created by our INTERVENTIONISM, they learn of America when we overthrow their government. Then they learn to hate America when we kill their love ones and destroy their way of life.

        Our fine soldiers are not to blame for this. We are for allowing ourselves to be fooled into the idea of trading Liberty for Security.

        Liberals are not the enemy!
        Socialist are not the enemy!
        Muslims are not the enemy!

        You fellow citizens that will disregard your life if the state labels you a “terrorist” are the enemy!

        We ether stand against the state or it will destroy us all!

      • 48a30

        Blame America first…….Typical of Paul and his supporters. Going into detail about how wrong you are would more than likely be an exercise in futility. As I mentioned in a lower reply, Paul and many of his supporters are unhinged people. I don’t debate ridiculous assertions. Also, there is no threat of Paul getting the nomination. Paul stands as much chance of winning the nomination as Rosie O’Donnell does of winning a beauty contest.

  12. bob46

    I’m for anyone that will totally destroy this current excuse for a gov’t that we have. The nanny state has got to go. But, more than elect a business friendly president, we must eradicate any person or group that leans left. I’d have a wanted dead or alive, preferrably dead poster put out for George Soros the day of inauguration. And, I’d have obamao deported back to Kenya the same day. This would get the attention of the lefties. Anyone that complained would be put on my list for instruction since they obviously would need their thinking adjusted. Creating jobs as far as the federal gov’t goes just means to create a business friendly environment, just get out of the way. obamao knows this but is working on Soros’ agenda. They have been involved in treason and in my world they would have to pay. But you panty wast folks just trod along and be your own politically correct selves and we’ll be back in the same boat after the next election with you being swayed by the msm once again.

  13. Callie369

    Christi, Perry, Romney…….all RINO’s.

    Paul…… isolationist.

    Johnson and the other idiot, Huntsman…….forget them.

    Cain… him a lot. This man is brilliant. He is not only a businessman, but part of his education includes being a methematician. Don’t kn ow what that comment about his “baggage” concerns other than bullcrap. I’ve been vetting this guy up one side and down the other (as I have ALL the candidates and even prospective candidates). The only negative was the fact that he is a cancer survivor. As president, I see him making the U.S. also a cancer survivor…..ythe cancer of Dumbama!!!!

    Santorum…… as a whip, would make a great president, but too unknown.

    Bachmann…… cookie, and could be very effective president.

    Newt Gingrich…… a conservative, I don’t condone his marital history, but the future of the U.S. is at stake. He one that could set it straight. Man, I would love to see him debate Dumbama!!!!! He would chew him up and spit him out. Debates between those two would have 100 million watching just in the U.S.

    The next president should make:

    Cain – Secretary of Labor

    Palin – Secretary of Energy

    Paul – Secretary of Treasury

    Mark Levin – Attorney General

    North – Secretary of Defense

    Guiliani – Secretary of State

    Put Santorum in charge of Homeland Security…..he is brilliant on the subject of muslims and islam.

    • Jeff

      Right idea, Wrong order.

      Cain as VP

      Palin takes over as the head of a reformed consolidation of energy, interior, DOT, and EPA. (just say no to CAFE)

      Santorum as Sec. of State

      Newt as WH Chief of Staff

      Paul as Fed Chairman

      Romney at Treasury

      Guiliani as AG

      Stan McCrystal as Homeland Security

      Christi at Labor Dept.

      Perry at DoD

      Like any team that has lots of talent. All we need now is a leader to put on the field.

  14. DWalker

    The Republican Establishment fears Herman Cain. Americans for Prosperity featured Mr. Cain as speaker at a RGGI protest in NYC to fight regional Cap and Trade. “Nannie” Bloomberg shut off his microphone.

    Christie finally withdrew from the ten state RGGI cabal “kicking and screaming.” Christie is also implementing $38M infrastructure for ObamaCare after refusing to join the (26) states out of FL. This is why the media and GOP/RNC is drooling over Christie.

    But the conservatives and libertarians want Cain. Sorry Bushies, McConnell and Republican “liberal” Establishment.


    ron paul is the only one not bought and paid for. He wants to tax you with 999 on top of your income tax to pay for the bailouts the banks needed by creating billions in derivatives. Do you even know who is backing this guy the Pillsbury cartel. Not to mention he is saying the fed is your friend….I dont think so keep believing him and find out what a disappointment he will be. ITs either for the big mega banks that control all and want to enslave you in debt or you for ron paul and liberty.

  16. tjr az

    I’m still hoping Sarah will announce she’s running, I know, it’s looking pretty unlikely. As for those who are in, Mr. Cain looks to be the only one bold enough to do the hard things that will be necessary to stop the Washington/Wall Street/MSM incest and crony capitalism that is destroying this nation.

    • bruno

      Why Sarah Palin? shes a nutjob if you ask me she even in 2008 called for war with russia and you want her to run? what is wrong with you people? After russia who else china? and then after that what other country then?

  17. bruno

    I see alots Cain bots are on the roll Cain a true conservative? you have to be joking me, his a war monger, just like bush was.

  18. bruno

    A message for all you Cain Bots NeCons Warmongers Cain was with the Fed and is still a strong supporter alot of people want the Fed audited, sadly cain doesnt want the Fed to be audited.

    I wonder how many you here who posted here actually went to Cains 2012 web site? its full of nonsense with no real solutions whatsever. and his 999 plan is a joke of a plan Cains plan wont save the economy.

    • 48a30

      Hey Bruno, how about providing some facts to your accusation that 999 is a joke. If you are a Paul supporter then please accept my apology for asking you to be logical. I realize Paul supporters are incapable of using logic. Nevertheless, I’d like to think that we both agree that Barack Hussein Odumbo needs to be defeated.

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