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President Barack Obama is in Milwaukee today to campaign for Mary Burke, Democrat nominee for Wisconsin Governor. According to Fox 6 News, he is appearing to drive up turnout in the city. He is also hosting a private fundraiser.

After President Obama campaigns in Milwaukee Tuesday evening, he’ll host a private fundraiser at a downtown sushi bar. As many as 25 people can pay $16,000 to spend an hour with President Obama at Umami Moto.

Last week, the President failed to fill up a campaign event in his hometown of Chicago.

The race for Governor is tied up 47% according to the latest Marquette University Law poll.

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  1. kelly

    If you watch the broadcast closely you will see lot’s of empty space ! 6000 people ! really looked like about 2500 or less to me !! Notice how the camera is behind the people on the floor but lots of empty space, and at the same time look up in the bleachers to the right lots of empty space! Where is the panning all around the auditorium? There is none because it’s EMPTY!!! Where is the Mayor of Chicago ?
    Barack’s close friend is no where to be see !!

  2. Joyce

    Yeah, that Obama…he’s really “down with the people!”, right? All that time he talks bad about the wealthy…you know the super rich pals he hangs with on Martha’s Vineyard, who he golfs with, and who fund his career? What a fraud he is. He’s the Ayatollah of Ebola, the Maharaji of Benghazi.

  3. Lukas

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