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H/T Liberty Chick

From the same rally that brought us video of the now infamous foaming liberal, who proudly “declared war on righties, Teabaggers and Republicans” over at the always sunshine and roses hotspot known as Daily Kos, we bring you yet another performance from an angry liberal.

Just moments after Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) gave a rousing speech at’s “Solidarity With Wisconsin” rally, urging Americans to preach our principles and values across the country and around the world, this self-professed “Left of Lesbian” progressive took to the microphone to follow the Senator with this his own display of values:

“It’s time for Barack Obama to do what he did in Tucson – show up.”

“If you want to know the difference between Egypt and Madison:   Mubarek is a Tyrant.  Scott Walker’s an Asshole”

And here is some great quotes from Greg’s Blog:

“Newt Gingrich wants us to go back to profiling. I couldn’t agree MORE. We should profile. So if you see someone who looks like Newt Gingrich, punch him in the mouth and call him a racist. If you see someone who looks like Karl Rove, punch him in the dick and call him a self-hating fag…”  1/3/2010

“Harry Reid is My Nigga:  …Health Care will soon pass in America thanks in large part to the Top Cracker in the senate, the Top Bitch in the house and a signature from the Negro-In-Chief.”  1/11/2010

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